Top Five Benefits of Gable Fans

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Let’s face it; most of us only venture up into our attics when we need to haul down holiday decorations or grab a suitcase to pack for a much-needed vacation. We spend as little time up there as possible. You could make one permanent addition to your attic that would keep it in good shape year-round is attic gable fans. 

A perfect tool for a place we don’t visit often, attic gable fans work year-round to help keep your home cool, protect your roof framing and structure, and keep your electrical and plumbing systems functioning smoothly. And by keeping the air circulating as it should, attic gable fans will help control the air and moisture flow in your seldom visited space.

Put simply; attic gable fans do the hard work of keeping your attic systems running so that you don’t have to! An attic services company like Attic Projects can come out to your home and recommend the perfect attic gable fans to keep the air moving in your attic.

What are the top five reasons to install an attic gable fan?

Having an attic services company install attic gable fans in your home may be one of the best investments you could make when it comes to your attic. Below are just some of the top reasons.


First and foremost, attic gable fans are critical in adequately ventilating your attic. The most apparent advantage of proper ventilation is in the energy savings you’ll see. Plus, by keeping the temperature constant at a lower value, you can prolong the life of key systems like attic insulation, roof trusses and framing, plumbing, electrical wiring, and any other system that finds it’s home in your attic behind all those boxes.

Temperature Control

As mentioned above, attic gable fans are extremely good at reducing the temperature on your upper floors by as much as 10 degrees on a hot day. This temperature decrease alone could lower your air-conditioning costs by nearly 30 percent. Who doesn’t like saving on their electric bill?

Helping the attic do its job

We can’t say it enough – the primary job is to provide a buffer zone in your home, creating a space to control the overall temperature of your house. By creating this buffer, you have better control over the temperature between the interior space and the great outdoors. Regulating this buffer zone properly will keep your living space at a more constant temperature at far less energy cost. Attic gable fans are a key element of your attic system, along with attic insulation, to slow down the upward flow of heat, keeping your home cooler during hot times and warmer during cold times.

Controlling moisture

Regulating moisture levels in your attic helps prevent structural damage and creates a healthier environment in your home. When external temperatures dip, air can leak in around exhaust fans, attic access panels, and ceiling light fixtures. Without the proper air movement through your attic, this could mean moisture from the outside is making its way inside, something to avoid!

A silent partner

One of the best reasons to install attic gable fans is that they work around the clock all year long! They quietly do the job of keeping your attic safe and clean, regulating temperature, and keeping moisture levels down. With very little attention or maintenance, you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing by installing attic gable fans.

How do I get started?

That’s the easy part – give us a call! An Attic Projects pro will come out, perform an inspection, and give you a free estimate on how we can get attic gable fans installed and working for you. We look forward to helping you lower your energy bill!

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