What Could Be Hiding in Your Crawl Space?

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Insects, animals, and other critters that have made a home in your crawl space could be causing significant structural damage! Their burrowing and nesting are dangerous to your home’s structure, but their waste and debris could also make the air in your home extremely unhealthy.

In addition, some animals may carry certain diseases that cause serious infections, while others could become aggressive in defending their nests. Crawl space sanitation is critical in keeping these unwanted guests out of your home by ensuring that your crawl space sanitation is up-to-date and that by maintaining a regular crawl space cleaning routine, you can keep your crawl space clean and free of unwanted pests. 

What kinds of animals and insects should I be on the lookout for?

The kinds of creepy critters that can make their home in your crawl space depending on the area in which you live. If you live in a rural setting as opposed to an urban area, you can expect a different set of animals and insects to find your home an appealing place to make a nest. Crawl space sanitation experts are knowledgeable about your area’s most common pests and know how to make your home safe from them.

One common animal that thrives in a crawl space environment is squirrels. Squirrels are capable of chewing through almost anything to get to your crawl space, and the holes and cracks they leave behind when doing so could lead to water leaks, structural damage, and even mold growth. They make their nest in your crawl space, but they could also be causing significant damage to the rest of your home!

Other animals that commonly find their way into homes are raccoons, hedgehogs, mice, and rats. Each finds crawl spaces attractive for different reasons. For example, mice thrive in warm, dry places, while rats are considered social. They like to live near humans. All of these critters have in common that they can squeeze through holes and cracks so small you’d think they can’t get through. Rats can access your crawl space through a hole as small as half an inch, while mice can get through a quarter-inch hole!

Especially in our area, insects are another pest to keep an eye out for. They can come in all shapes and sizes, and the quiet, undisturbed nature of a crawl space makes it an ideal home for insects to build a nest. Anything from bees and wasps to spiders and roaches, crawl spaces can become home to a wide array of insects. 

I think I might have something living in my crawl space, what should I do?

Suppose you notice evidence of animals or insects living in your crawl space. In that case, whether it be bad smells, scratching noises, droppings, or other warning signs, you’ll want to immediately contact a crawl space sanitation professional. 

After first identifying the invader, the technician will professionally remove them, perform a thorough cleaning, and then seal off any and all access points. It’s best to have your crawl space regularly inspected and sanitized often so that the unwanted guests can’t find a home in your crawl space to start with!

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