How do Exterminators get Rid of Rats in Attic

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Most people understand that invasive rodents and other pests pose serious health and property risks. As a residential or commercial property owner, you also know that pest removal presents several challenges. For the money you invest, pest removal services need to be effective and cost-efficient.  At Attic Projects, we specialize in protecting your home from pests. If you need pest control services and want to know “How do exterminators get rid of rats in attic spaces?”, this blog can help. Keep reading to learn about the rat extermination process, factors impacting extermination service costs, and more.  Rat Extermination

The Difference Between Rat Removal and Rat Extermination

Rat Removal

Exterminators and pest removal professionals use various techniques to reduce, eliminate, and prevent pest populations. While often referred to as exterminators, pest control experts may use harmless trapping and removal. These actions comprise several of the many tools in their pest control arsenal.  This distinction highlights a key difference between rat removal and extermination. In some cases, experts may trap and remove live rats, providing human pest control services. Companies often advertise this type of pest removal as “no-kill.”  Depending on your chosen company, rat removal may also refer to the removal of exterminated rats. 

Rat and Mouse Extermination

Extermination involves reducing pest populations to improve the safety and security of residential and commercial properties. Pest control experts use various methods to exterminate rats, utilizing traps, humane chemicals, and other tools. In many cases, rat and mouse extermination becomes necessary to prevent reinfestation. Extermination may also lower the threat of pests to surrounding buildings or homes. 

Rat Extermination Process

When working with a reputable pest control service, property owners should expect all rat services to begin with an inspection and service quote. During this initial stage, experts will inspect your attic and other spaces for signs of infestation. Depending on the extent and location of the rat or mouse infestation, your pest control experts may recommend one or more extermination and removal services. So how do exterminators get rid of rats in attic spaces? Experts may use trapping and removal equipment to catch and reduce the pest population for less severe pest issues.  For extensive infestations in hard-to-reach spaces, experts will recommend services such as fumigation. Fumigation involves using aerosol chemicals in walls, rooms, attics, and crawl spaces to reach different nesting locations.  If you need rat extermination services, know that the time periods and costs associated with these services vary. Factors affecting time and costs depend on location and materials used. 

Average Rat Extermination Pricing

Basic rat extermination services offer minimally invasive solutions for smaller rat infestations. These services carry a lower overall cost than chemical-based extermination services. Expect standard rat extermination and removal to cost anywhere from $100 to $600.  For extensive infestations, experts will recommend more drastic tactics. Fumigation, an effective yet invasive extermination method, could cost property owners $1000 or more. Pest control experts calculate the cost of fumigation services using square footage. So, take measurements of your spaces before calling for price estimates.  When searching for “pest control exterminators near me,” keep potential service costs and your budget in mind before hiring a company. 
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Factors Affecting Rat Extermination Pricing


Some rat infestations are straightforward to treat as the rats are in an open space. However, it’s a different story when rat infestations reach hard-to-reach locations such as walls, crawl spaces, floors, and other areas. In those instances, pest control experts must employ riskier and more expensive methods to treat them.  Therefore, rat extermination in challenging locations often costs more than services for open-room pest removal. 


Similar to location, the infestation’s severity plays a significant role in the final cost of rat extermination services. When isolated to one room or area, pests such as rats, mice, bats, and squirrels can be treated in less time and with fewer materials.  Once rat infestations spread into walls, the infestation can reach any area in a home or business. These extensive infestations take more time, material, and effort to eliminate. As a result, they generate considerably higher pest removal bills. 

Types of Removal Service

How do exterminators get rid of rats in attic spaces effectively? The answer impacts your service bill. Reusable bait traps and other removal strategies carry fewer risks and costs than involved methods such as fumigation. For this reason, less invasive removal services cost less than fumigation for rooms or buildings. 
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FAQS – Rat and Mouse Extermination

How long does it take to exterminate rats? 

The treatment time for pest control services such as rat extermination varies. Vital factors include the location and severity of the infestation and the removal methods used. Complete treatment of a rat infestation may take anywhere from several days to several weeks. 

What is rodent exclusion? 

Rodent exclusion prevents pests such as squirrels, rats, and mice from entering a home or business. This procedure may involve repairing rooftops and damaged windows, trimming trees, and properly sealing attics and crawl spaces. These fortifications are excellent preventive measures to reduce pest infestation. 

How can I repel rats from my house? 

If you have concerns about rodent populations in your area, you may be able to employ additional measures to repel rats and mice from your house. You can successfully reduce rodent entry into your home using specially selected scents and ultrasonic noise machines.  Speak to the pest removal experts in your area. They’ll tell you more about which extermination and prevention methods will work best for your property. 

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Rat extermination and removal involve applying complex knowledge of the behaviors and weaknesses of rodent populations. Are you still wondering, “How do exterminators get rid of rats in the attic and crawl spaces?” If so, our team has personalized answers to your questions.  Contact the experts at Attic Projects today to learn more about attic pest removal and infestation prevention. We offer a wide selection of services to help home and business owners enhance and protect their indoor spaces. Reach out to our Orange County or San Diego locations via our online form to get started.
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