How To Remove Thick Dust From Your Attic

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Unkempt, dusty attics can have several adverse effects on your home. They attract numerous pests, decrease your indoor air quality, invite mold and mildew colonies, and more. However, many homeowners don’t know how to correctly remove thick dust from their attics, causing the problem to spiral out of control.

The experts at Attic Projects have put together this brief guide to teach you how to remove thick dust from your attic so you can keep your home safe and contaminant-free.

Attic Projects is one of California’s leading attic dust removal companies. We’ve been helping homeowners clean their attics and crawlspaces for over a decade, giving us the experience and expertise to handle even the toughest cleaning projects. If you want to eliminate black dust in your attic without spending a small fortune, look no further than Attic Projects.

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Can Attic Dust Make You Sick?

Dirty attics are a haven for countless contaminants that can negatively impact your family’s health. Damp areas allow dangerous mold and mildew colonies to thrive, while dust causes respiratory issues, allergies, and other medical problems. If you don’t clean your attic regularly, these problems will accumulate and affect you and other parts of your house.

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How To Remove Thick Dust From an Attic

Although employing an attic cleaning service is the best way to remove dust and debris from your attic, there are a few steps you can take to eradicate pollutants yourself. Follow the process listed below to give your attic a DIY deep clean.

Step One: Remove/Rearrange Storage Items

To eliminate dust from your attic effectively, you must remove or rearrange items that could potentially hinder the cleaning process. Removing furniture and other large objects from the attic makes hard-to-reach debris more accessible. Removing large items will make the process much easier and often shaves hours off the procedure.

Step Two: Seal Holes and Gaps

Troublesome air gaps allow pests and dust to enter your attic. Once animals settle in your crawlspace, they can cause severe structural damage and leave droppings throughout your attic. Always seal holes and gaps in your attic with a high-quality sealer to prevent dust accumulation and pest infestations.

Step Three: Dust the Area

After you seal the holes and gaps in your attic, you should dust the area with a large microfiber cloth. Unlike traditional feather dusters, microfiber cloths have small wedges that trap dirt and contaminants within the material. Thoroughly wipe debris off your attic’s walls, windows, and frames with the microfiber cloth until they are dust-free.

Step Four: Vacuum the Area

Once you finish dusting, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any leftover debris from the attic floor. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner will pick up the remaining contaminants while minimizing allergy-causing air particles.

Step Five: Inspect the Insulation

Dirt and debris seem to gravitate toward attic insulation, significantly decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. Always inspect and remove dust from attic insulation to prevent contaminated air from entering your residence and affecting your family. Regularly cleaning your insulation will also reduce your monthly electric bills, saving you money over time.

Step Six: Check for Mold

Before finishing the attic cleaning process, you must inspect your attic for mold and mildew. Damp attics are exceedingly prone to mold and mildew growth. Contact a mold specialist for professional eradication services if you find any colonies.

Step Seven: Move Items Back Into the Attic

Finally, you can move your storage items back into your attic. However, ensure you dust your possessions before returning them to the space.

When To Call a Professional for Attic Dust Removal

Dusting an attic is no small task. It’s an incredibly taxing process that often takes hours to complete, especially if you don’t know how to remove thick dust from your attic. That’s why thousands of homeowners trust Attic Projects for all their attic dusting needs.

The Attic Projects team can make your attic or crawlspace cleaner than ever without exceeding your financial means. We use professional-grade tools and techniques that allow your attic to reach its full potential in record time. Our team takes the stress out of attic dusting, allowing you to sit back and relax while we handle all the hard work.

FAQs: Getting Rid of Dust in Your Attic

Why Is My Attic So Dusty?

Holes and air gaps allow dust, dirt, debris, and other unwanted contaminants to enter your attic over time. Always check for openings in your attic every few months to protect it from the elements. If you find any holes, fill them with a high-quality sealer to prevent dust from entering your attic.

How Do I Remove Dust From My Attic?

Following the dust removal process above will keep your attic relatively dust-free year-round. If you would rather have someone handle the process for you, contact Attic Projects for professional dusting and cleaning services.

Should I Clean the Attic?

Yes. We recommend thoroughly cleaning and dusting your attic a few times a year to ensure it remains pristine throughout the seasons.

Does Dust Affect Insulation?

Yes. Dust often has several adverse effects on your attic insulation. For example, dust and dirt on insulation can hinder your home’s energy efficiency, skyrocketing your monthly electric bills. You must keep your attic insulation dust-free to reduce electrical payments and optimally insulate your home.

Contact Attic Projects for Professional Attic Dust Removal in California

Attic Projects is your source for first-class attic dust removal and associated services. Our team can breathe new life into even the filthiest attics, allowing you to get the most out of your home at a price that fits your budget. If you want premium attic cleaning services without the premium prices, contact Attic Projects for all your dusting and cleaning needs.

Whether you want to learn how to remove thick dust from your attic or need crawlspace sanitation services, Attic Projects is here for you.

Contact Attic Projects via our convenient online form or call our team (San Diego location) or (Orange County/LA location) and see what we can do for you today!

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