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Your attic is probably where you store keepsakes, heirlooms, and seasonal decor. If mice make a home in your attic, these items become nesting locations for breeding. Mice breed at an alarming rate, and they can quickly take over your entire attic—even the space between the walls in your house. If you don’t know how to get rid of mice in attic space, an infestation of mice can result in some serious issues.

Mice love to chew things. The wood, furniture, and wiring in your house are just some of the things mice go for when they feel like nibbling. If you don’t know how to get mice out of attic areas, you may have to deal with repairs to your home and health risks.

Mice In Attic

How to Tell if There Are Mice in Your Attic

People often panic when they hear noise and think, “there are mice in my attic!” Knowing what to look for when you suspect rodents in attic space can save you some undue anxiety.

Look for holes in your attic insulation where the mice may be burrowing and breeding. Mice like dark warm places, and that’s why attics and crawlspaces are so attractive to them. Other signs of a mouse in the attic are:

  • Mouse Droppings: Mouse droppings look like dark brown grains of rice. Look for these around your attic and kitchen (where mice may search for food).
  • Chewing: Look for bite marks on electrical cords, cardboard boxes, and plastic items.
  • Electrical Problems: If your lights are flickering or appliances are shorting out, it could be due to mice chewing the wires.
  • Odor: Mice have a naturally musky odor, and they urinate a lot. You may not notice one mouse in the attic space, but if there are several in your house, you may notice these smells.

Why Rodents Are Getting Into Your Attic

Attics attract mice because they are dry, warm, dark, and quiet. Attics are also full of comfortable things to nest in and chew. Mice chew on plastics and wood to sharpen their teeth, and attics are full of furniture and decor that suit this need.

If you own a home, you’ll likely deal with a mouse problem at some point. If there’s a way into your home, mice will find it.

Cracks and gaps in the wood or siding are the first things to look at when searching for rodents’ entry points. Other possible entry points are:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Gaps around pipes or dryer vents
  • Air conditioning set-up
  • Gaps in door or window frames

How to Protect Your Stuff From Mice in the Attic

Most people use their attic for storage. Since mice love attics, this may put your favorite keepsakes and seasonal items at risk. Know what you can and cannot keep in your attic and the safest storage methods to keep mice away.

  • Furniture: It’s best to keep furniture in a storage unit. If you have furniture in your attic, mice may chew the wood and upholstery apart.
  • Keepsakes: Your child’s art projects or homemade presents are irreplaceable. Attics get very hot and damage these items, so even if mice have no interest in them, find more appropriate storage spaces.
  • Housewares: Pots, pans, and dishes are safe from mice in your attic. Store them in sturdy bins (not cardboard boxes) to keep mice from nesting.
  • Toys: Keep toys in closeable containers. Mice can chew certain plastics and destroy plush animals for nesting.
  • Holiday Decorations: Place seasonal decorations in sealed storage bins to prevent rodents from chewing on them.
  • Luggage: Fabric suitcases and backpacks are safe to store in the attic, but keep them in closed containers.
  • Clothes: Clothing can stay in the attic if it’s not heat-sensitive material and you store it properly in sealable containers.

Steps You Can Take to Get Rid of Mice in Your Attic

The best way to get rid of mice in an attic space doesn’t start in the attic; it starts outside the house. When trying to get rid of rodents in attic locations, people often think that setting traps is the first thing to do. This isn’t always the case. Follow these steps on how to get rid of mice in attic areas.

Step 1 – Find and Close All Entry Points

Look for areas where light comes into the attic and seal them with sheet metal or expanding foam. Check the house’s exterior for gaps or openings and seal any you may find.

Step 2 – Trim Trees & Shrubs Near Your Home

Mice use tree limbs to gain access to your home at heights that would be otherwise unreachable.

Step 3 – Practice Proper Sanitation/Food Storing Techniques

Accessible food attracts mice to your home. To prevent this, store food properly and clean up all crumbs and leftovers.

Step 4 – Layout Traps in High Activity Areas

Laying traps in corners and along walls is the best way to kill mice in attic areas.

Step 5 – Check Your Traps Regularly

Mice can set off traps without being caught in them. Check your traps often to reset them or dispose of a rodent in the trap.

FAQs- Getting Rid of Mice in Attic

Can Pest Control Really Help with Rodents?

Pest control services temporarily clear your house of rodents but do not find the entry points or prevent new mice from infesting your home. This is not the best way to get mice out of attic areas and keep them out.

Why Is Pest Control Only a Temporary Solution?

Pest control companies don’t eliminate the problem because they want repeat business. This is not how to remove mice from attic locations permanently. Instead, call Attic Projects for rodent removal, rodent-proofing, and rodent waste removal to keep your attic pest-free long-term.


Rodents such as mice are not just an annoyance but a health hazard. At Attic Projects, we take rodent infestation seriously, and we’re here to help.

If you live in the San Diego or Los Angeles area and have questions on how to get rid of mice in attic spaces, give our team at Attic Projects a call in San Diego or in Orange County for a free quote today.

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