What Should I Look for When Inspecting an Attic

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Whether you use your attic as an extra room, storage space, or just a crawlspace, it’s probably the room that receives the least attention and fewest upgrades.

At Attic Projects in Orange County and Los Angeles, we believe your attic is a vital part of your home, even when not in use. To protect your largest investment, start thinking, “what should I look for when inspecting an attic?” to prevent unwanted air conditions, water damage, and pests.

Attic Inspection Services

What Is an Attic Inspection?

During an attic inspection, a professional inspector comes to your home and:

  • Examine the interior of your attic for pest damage and structural damage
  • Assess the insulation
  • Check the exterior of your home or roof
  • Inspect the attic vents for blockages and damage

Without yearly attic inspection services, ventilation and insulation may become problems for your entire home.

What Is Included in an Attic Inspection?

Whether you let attic experts look at your home’s upper level or decide to make it your next DIY project, it’s necessary to understand the common issues with attics. The experts at Attic Projects usually uncover the following concerns.

Insulation Checks

Attic temperatures rise during the summer without a proper thermally insulating interior coating because heat seeps through cracks and travels around your home, negating the cooling power of your AC unit.

Not only will you pay more in utility bills during the summer, but cool winter air penetrating your home will have your furnace working harder to keep you warm.

Ventilation Checks

Your roof should release built-up moisture and heat from steamy showers, cooking, and heaters. This air and moisture condensation rise to your attic. Without proper ventilation, it becomes stagnant and leads to wood rot, mold, and mildew growth.

When rooftop snow melts due to trapped heat, the water trickles, loosening shingles and creating ice dams. Improved ventilation allows outdoor air to pass through the attic, keeping it at a lower temperature to prevent thawing.

Attic Inspection for Animals

Unfortunately, holes in your roof or attic walls also introduce vermin into your living space. Rats, possums, bats, and raccoons looking for a dark crawlspace can carry diseases and jeopardize your family’s well-being. They damage wiring, insulation, walls, floorboards, and precious stored keepsakes.

An attic inspection for rodents and other animals means looking for droppings, gnawed or scratched material, nests, and foul smells.

Basics of Attic Inspection

Catching these problems early on keeps utility bills affordable and prevents minor concerns from becoming major. The basics of attic inspections include creating an energy-efficient home and providing a detailed roof and attic inspection, air quality testing, and decontamination.

Asking “what should I look for when inspecting an attic?” promotes yearly inspections that keep your family safe from mold, mildew, and germ-infested rodents and your home comfortable during all seasons. It also raises your property value and keeps your roof from deteriorating.

Attic Inspection Checklist

An attic inspection checklist keeps your attic up to code. When hiring a professional, make sure they follow a checklist to uncover alarming attic factors:

  • Enter your attic without flipping the light switch. Streams of light pinpoint holes in your walls or ceiling. (Some cracks may be too small to notice, so pay attention to water stains and moisture.)
  • Stick a ruler through your insulation to check its depth. You should have 13 to 18 inches of insulation. If your insulation is uneven, check multiple attic areas.
  • Purchase a thermal camera to spot temperature differences, highlighting poorly insulated areas or cracks and holes that let in outdoor air.
  • Take pictures of anything concerning, including animal traces and attic and roof deterioration. Upon noticing something concerning, call Attic Project professionals for repairs.

When to Call an Attic Inspection Pro

Considering “what should I look for when inspecting an attic?” to do it on your own is one thing, but don’t risk your safety trying to fix more serious concerns yourself.

Rusty nails and mold growth in your attic mean you’ll need a more breathable roof. Installing soffit vents below the roof’s eaves allow fresh airflow. Accompanying ridge vents bring that air along the roof’s underside and up to its peak, releasing the air outside and enhancing circulation.

We also improve insulation with added layers, patch holes and cracks to prevent leaks, and offer attic inspections for animals and safe removal according to your state’s guidelines.

We suggest you make an annual appointment with our Attic Projects inspection team, even if concerns aren’t evident, since an attic inspection cost is cheaper when you catch problems early.

FAQs – Attic Inspection

Should You Get a Service or DIY?

If you’re asking, “what should I look for when inspecting an attic?” you’re probably considering doing a DIY project rather than recruiting pricey attic inspection companies. Luckily, with our attic inspection checklist above, you can check the security and safety of your attic on your own.

However, if you have weak floorboards, growing concerns, or any confusion, let us safely analyze and remedy the situation.

What Should I Look for In an Attic Inspection?

When you need to know who to call for attic inspections, turn to the professionals. Attic inspections are sometimes tricky and dangerous jobs, especially when there’s faulty wiring, broken floorboards, or protruding nails. Make sure to hire an insured and bonded contractor to prevent a lawsuit in case of accidents.

Your inspection should also be thorough, meaning your experienced contractor checks all nooks and crannies and examines your walls, floor, and ceiling. After completion, they should have a written list of concerns and an accurate bill listing all charges for repairs.

Attic Inspection Near Me

From attic mold inspection to attic rodent inspection, we’re the “attic inspection services near me” that’ll ensure your crawl space looks like more than just a crawl space. We’ve turned dank, dirty, and rodent-infested areas into livable quarters within a few visits. Let us transform your attic next.

Trust our Attic Projects team to answer, “what should I look for when inspecting an attic?” or to inspect and repair your attic today. Call in San Diego or in Orange County for a free inspection!

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