Controlling Rats in Multi-Unit Buildings

Rodent infestations in multi-unit buildings can lead to unhappy tenants and affect your bottom line, Our free eBook provides tips for property managers and HOAs to help protect your property and ensure that your tenants are satisfied and rodent-free.

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A rodent infestation in a multi-unit building is the quickest way to make your tenants feel unwelcome in their home. One of the biggest problems with rodent issues in multi-unit buildings is that once they get in to one unit, they immediately have access to every other home. Rodent problems in multi-unit buildings can get out of control quickly, and they are not easy critters to evict when they are able to travel from unit to unit. If your residents have seen or heard rodents scampering around the building, or if you are overdue for a general rodent inspection, you should not wait any longer to take action. At Attic Projects, we want to ensure that all property managers and HOAs have the tools that they need to locate and remediate their multi-unit rodent problem. For that reason, we put together a comprehensive eBook detailing how to Control Rats in Multi-Unit Buildings. In this guide, we discuss:

If you are interested in learning more, please download our Rodent Proofing Guide for free.

Controlling Rats

So You Have a Rodent Problem in Your Building or Complex… Now What?

For every rodent that you find in your building or complex, there are likely several more that you are not seeing. With larger buildings, there are many places for the critters to hide and breed, making it challenging for any property manager or HOA to keep up. While we hope that you found our eBook to be helpful, we also know that locating the problem is only the first step and the remediation process can be very daunting. At Attic Projects, we have a team of rodent proofing experts that can help you eliminate your current infestation and ensure that the rodent problem does not return. If you need help with your rodent removal and prevention project, contact us today.

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Controlling Rats in Multi-Unit Buildings

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