Buying a Home? Here’s What to Look for in the Attic

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When buying a home, often the last thing you are thinking about is the current state of the house’s attic. The uppermost part of a home can largely be an afterthought in the home buying process, as you’re likely to be more concerned with the kitchen, bedrooms, and other common areas that will be used by you and your family the most.

However, it’s important to take into account a home’s attic and what additional work may be required in order to get it into an optimal state. With that in mind, here are a few things you should look for in the attic when buying your next home.

Previous Fire Damage

If a home has suffered a fire in the past, damage is often present in the attic as heat and smoke rises. What may not be readily apparent to you from the lower levels of your house may actually be extremely obvious upon inspection of the upper levels of the home. The attic of a home may have signs of fire damage if the rafters appear a color other than the natural color of the wood. Charred wood is the clearest example of fire damage, but discolored wood can also be evidence that an attic has suffered significant fire damage.

Rodent Infestation

While you would think a rodent infestation would be obvious, hiring an expert attic services company to identify a rodent infestation is key to a healthier and safer home. From contagious diseases to permanently damaged insulation, a rodent infestation is an issue to take seriously.

Our experts can identify the less-obvious signs of an infestation and write an estimate for safe rodent waste removal as well as rodent-proofing services to keep your future home free of pests.

Insufficient Insulation

Besides the structural integrity of structures in the attic, such as supporting truss and rafters, one of the most crucial components to look for in an attic when searching for a home is the current level of insulation present in the house. A poorly-insulated home can become a major liability for homeowners, as it will cause heating and cooling bills to soar. A professional attic services company will be able to assist you in determining a solution for any insulation issues, assuming it exists.

Attic Services for Your New Home

If you are looking to purchase a new home and need a thorough inspection done prior to or after sealing the deal, contact our trusted attic services team today. Whether you’re worried about the presence of fire damage or curious about any other issues such as rodent waste or poor insulation, Attic Projects is happy to assist you in finding a solution. Our professional and experienced team of specialists can help you address any concern you may have related to your possible new home’s attic. Contact us at 858-246-7421 for an inspection and immediate on-site estimate.

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