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A flock of birds nesting on a home due to nearby rodents.

Can a Rodent Infestation Lead to a Bird Problem?

It’s well known that a mice infestation is problematic. They can bring diseases into your home and destroy wires and insulation. However, there’s another problem with having an abundance of mice on your property — they may attract birds of prey. Birds of prey, such as owls, primarily feed on mice. Once they are on […]

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Rodent Entry Points

Here’s How to Spot Rodent Entry Points

No one likes to think of rodents and other pests scurrying about their home! Rats and other rodents will settle in as unwelcome guests in your home if you allow them the opportunity. This article will help you figure out how to spot rodent entry points. According to the CDC, they don’t only carry disease, […]

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