Warning Signs You May Be Living With Toxic Mold

House Owner Removing Wallpaper to Reveal Mold

As a homeowner, you have many things to worry about. Discovering mold, especially toxic mold, can sometimes be overwhelming. Discovering mold can take homeowners by surprise, so it’s important to know the warning signs and be able to identify different kinds of mold. While it can feel overwhelming, if you catch and take care of mold in its early stages of development, you can prevent possible health problems or damage to your home.

It’s especially important to keep a close eye for attic mold and to make sure that you schedule a regular attic cleaning and mold removal to stay ahead of the game.

What are the environmental factors that cause mold growth?

There are several factors that contribute to the development of mold. Some or all must be present in order for mold to grow. These factors include oxygen, time, darkness, food, warmth, and moisture. 

Of all of these, the most important for allowing mold to grow is moisture. Particularly in the case of attic mold, the presence of moisture provides the perfect baseline for its growth. Performing a regular attic cleaning not only helps you spot mold in its early stages of development, but it also helps you to identify any problem spots where moisture could seep in and cause problems down the road.

What are some warning signs to look out for?

There are several things an aware homeowner can look out for to help identify mold growth in its early stages.

  • Visible mold growth – The most obvious sign is that if you see dark spots on your walls, carpets or other surfaces, they may very well be mold! The longer you take to have them checked out, the more the mold may grow. If you see dark spots, pay attention to them right away.
  • Musty smells – Almost all kinds of mold will give off a musty smell. Even if you can’t see it, you will likely be able to smell it. Sometimes a musty smell will tip you off about the presence of attic mold or mold in other difficult to access nooks and crannies.
  • Excessive moisture – While not a direct sign of the presence of mold, having condensation or other excess moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for mold. You can stop mold before it even grows if you take away the environment it most prefers.
  • Pest infestations – Having unwanted guests living in your attic or crawl spaces could lead to the development of attic mold. When they burrow into your insulation or make their way into your home, pests can create openings and avenues for moisture to penetrate, creating perfect conditions for the growth of mold. A regular attic cleaning will help identify possible trouble spots.
  • Health symptoms – If you start experiencing unusual allergic-type reactions or are having breathing or respiratory issues that are out of the ordinary, mold may be the culprit. It’s important that you identify the source as soon as possible.

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While understanding mold, attic mold, and other kinds of health hazards in your home can seem overwhelming, regular maintenance like attic cleaning can keep you and your home in great shape. Just give us a call and we’ll come out, conduct an in-depth inspection, and help you develop a plan to address any potential problem areas.

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