Top Reasons Why You Have Rats in Your Attic

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Having creepy crawlers in your attic can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The good news is that you’re not alone. Called the black rat or ship rat, the critters that carry the Latin name Rattus Rattus are some of the most widely found pests in the United States.

They tend to make themselves more at home where the climate is warm, so they are most often found in large quantities through the southern states and the Pacific Coast.

The question many ask is why rats decide to make their home in your attic. While many factors could cause an infestation, below are the most common. If you think you have a rat problem in your attic, it’s best to contact an attic services company like Attic Projects to ensure your rodent proofing is up to date and good to go.

Why are the most common reasons rats get into attics?

There are typically three main reasons that you could find yourself with a rat problem. All are fixable with a good rodent proofing program.

First, rats can’t get into your attic in the first place if they don’t have an entry point. Rats are talented climbers and can access your attic through gaps in the roofline or cracks in the eaves. The first step in preventing an infestation is to prevent access in the first place.

Second, rats will only make themselves at home if there is adequate shelter is available. If they make it into your attic and find a comfy place to create a nest and mark pathways, the chances are good they’ll make it their own. Once they’ve built a nest, they’ll start to breed, making the problem that much worse.

Finally, one of the top reasons rats choose to make their home in your attic is whether or not an ample supply of food is available. Rats tend to feed on many different kinds of food, including nuts and fruits, as well as native and ornamental plants. Once they’ve made their way into your home, they’ll eat almost anything they can find that isn’t stored in an airtight container.

How do I keep rats from getting into my attic?

Rodent proofing is the best way to ensure that you never have a problem to start with. It’s crucial to make sure that your attic space is kept clean and tidy and that there isn’t a lot of shelter or food opportunities available for hungry rats. If you already have rats in your attic space, you might not be able to eradicate the problem without professional assistance, but you can at least limit it.

Your best bet is to give an attic services company like Attic Projects a call. We’ll come out, perform a thorough inspection, and give you a free estimate for a program of rodent proofing. The best offense is a good defense, and we’ll help you keep your attic clean, sealed, and free of rats and other pests.

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