Feeling Sick? It May Be Time to Check Your Air Ducts

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If you are smelling a musty odor in your home or are having more frequent sneezing or allergic-type reactions, it may be that you need to have your air ducts repaired or even replaced! The most common problem found in air ducts is mold, so if you smell a musty odor, the chances are good that there is mold present.

When there is a severe problem, you should be able to smell the strange musty odor and be able to see the mold growth around air ducts and in the vents. The airborne spores are too small to see, so the only clues you may have that there is a problem is by seeing the growth and smelling the odor.

If left unchecked, the airborne spores can cause you to start feeling sick gradually. You may not notice it at first, but symptoms could progress until you become quite ill. It’s best to clean your air ducts regularly to prevent any symptoms from occurring in the first place!

What causes the growth of mold in air ducts? 

Mold thrives in warm locations with high water vapor content, conditions that are set up perfectly in air ducts. Water vapor generally forms within the air duct system when colder air from air conditioning passes through and when there is high humidity outdoors. Instead of evaporating, the water vapor forms droplets that can collect. 

Air ducts are also convenient pathways for airborne debris in the home, things like dirt, dust, skin cells, animal dander, and pollen, which can collect over many months inside the air ducts. When combined with the water droplets, you create the perfect environment for mold to grow and give it the nutrients needed to help it thrive.

What are signs I should be aware of that there is mold in my air ducts?

There are some tell-tale signs you should keep an eye out for when it comes to mold in your air ducts. As mentioned above, the most obvious is a strong, musty, or mildew-like smell throughout the house. You may also notice that your eyes, throat, and nose feel irritated when the air conditioning is running.

Other signs to be aware of include allergic symptoms like rashes, watering eyes, or a runny nose, or if you or your family has unexplained headaches that go away when you leave home.

Finally, if you see mold growth within the air ducts or in drip pans, in general, if you experience unexplained symptoms like an allergic reaction that only occurs at home, it is a good place to start looking for the culprit is in your air ducts. 

How do I make sure my air ducts are working properly?

When it comes to mold, you’ll want to bring in the pros to take care of the problem. Once your air ducts are safe, you’ll want to make sure to have them regularly cleaned to keep them healthy. If you feel you need a repair or replacement, contact us today.  

We’re happy to help! Give us a call, and we’ll inspect your air ducts and give you a free estimate to keep your home as healthy and safe as possible.

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