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With summer’s arrival, it’s important to implement solutions that help remove heat and keep your home comfortable throughout the season. A solar-powered attic fan is a leading option that provides these benefits and more. Knowing how to install a solar attic fan can help you save money and control your finished attic space’s temperature.

Understanding the installation process and how a solar attic fan works are crucial to making your solar attic fan last for years. Keep reading to learn essential information on attic fan solar, how they work, the installation process, and necessary tools, and get answers to the most frequent questions.

What Is a Solar Attic Fan and Its Importance?

A solar attic fan is a fan that uses solar power to remove hot air from your attic and pull in fresh, outdoor air. It features a vent-style construction and attaches to your roof. This fan is highly energy-efficient and sustainable.

A natural light solar attic fan is essential for homeowners looking to maintain the temperature in their attic and keep their HVAC system in good condition. By reducing the attic temperature, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool that area of the home. You’ll save money on energy bills and prevent premature breakdowns.

How Do Solar Attic Fans Work?

Before learning how to install a solar attic fan, it’s crucial to understand how they work. These fans have solar panels on the exterior that collect sunlight and install directly into your roof and attic. When the sun hits the roof and solar panels, the attic fan activates to cool the attic.

Solar attic fans are a green solution for cooling your attic space. Because they convert solar energy to mechanical energy, you significantly decrease your environmental footprint and don’t have to use your traditional HVAC system as much to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Tools Required for Solar Attic Fan Installation

Professionals and homeowners can install solar attic fans due to the streamlined process. An attic solar fan installation requires many heavy-duty tools. You’ll need the following:

  • Reciprocating Saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Roof Caulk or Sealant
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Stud Finder
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil or Marker
  • A Large Piece of Cardboard
  • Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan Installation Process

The process for how to install a solar attic fan is as follows:

  • Choose the installation area, which should be no more than 24 inches from the roof’s ridge. Use a stud finder or tape measure to find the center point between the rafters.
  • Put a screw or nail at this center point. Put the solar attic fan on a large piece of cardboard and trace it around the base of the unit. Center the middle of the marked circle with the screw or nail on the roof and transfer the pattern from the cardboard to the roof tiles.
  • Screw a hole for the reciprocating saw and use the saw to cut on the marked line. Avoid cutting too deeply so as not to pierce your attic’s ceiling. Remove the pattern from the roof and lift up the surrounding shingles with a prybar to allow the fan’s base to fit.
  • Cut remaining roof sheathing and felt to remove leftover nails. Put a notch into the roofing paper large enough for the fan to fit.
  • Install the fan’s base under the roofing felt to check for the right fit. Apply roofing sealant to the bottom of the fan’s base and near the outer edge to prevent water from getting inside if it fits correctly.
  • Install the solar attic fan below the roofing tiles but between roofing paper and sheathing. Check that the fan is level with the roof. Screw around the sides of the flashing and caulk around the unit, on the screws, and between the fan and shingles to keep moisture out.

Advantages of Solar Attic Fans

There are many benefits to getting a solar attic exhaust fan, such as:

Energy Savings: Solar fans offer adequate ventilation that reduces the load on your HVAC system. You’ll save significantly on electricity.

Easy Installation: Because there are no electrical parts, you can install this fan yourself or rely on a professional with extensive knowledge regarding wiring and electricity.

More Home Comfort: Solar attic fans can decrease attic temperatures by as much as 15°F, helping your home remain cooler during summer temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Solar Attic Fans

Some confusion surroundings the installation process for solar attic fans. The answers below offer insight into top questions regarding these devices.

What is the Estimated Time for Solar Attic Fan Installation?

A solar attic fan installation by professionals can take up to two hours. If you choose to do it yourself and don’t already know how to install a solar attic fan, your installation will take longer.

Are Solar Attic Fans Worth it?

A solar attic fan install is highly worth it if you want an environmentally friendly option for cooling your attic. Get a solar attic fan installation near me, or learn how to install a solar attic fan to save energy, protect your shingles from sun damage, and enjoy a quiet way to cool your attic.

Which is Better – Solar or Electric Fan?

A solar exhaust fan for an attic is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than an electric fan. You’ll pay higher upfront costs for a solar fan but can get decent savings in hot climates.


Look no further than the top solar attic fan installers near me: Attic Projects. We have the tools and knowledge to improve your attic’s temperature with leading solar attic fans. We’ll help you select the best attic solar fan and install it carefully to maintain your roof and attic’s longevity.

Save energy instead of suffering the effects of a hot, stuffy attic in the summer. For more tips on how to install a solar attic fan, speak to the attic and crawlspace experts at Attic Projects. Contact us today.

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