How to Keep Animals Out of Your Crawl Space

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Crawl spaces are places where animals can target as a way to enter your home. Having an infestation of animals in your crawl space, whether it is birds, bats, or rodents, can create a serious problem for you and your family. Taking the necessary precautions to install proper animal proofing in your home is an important way to limit these types of infestations from occurring.

These types of infestations can not only damage your property, but they can also be a safety hazard, as they can bring disease into your home. With that in mind, here’s how you can keep animals from entering your crawl space.

Tips for Keeping Animals & Pests Out of Your Crawl Space

Seal Potential Entryways into Your Crawl Space 

All homes with a crawlspace are vulnerable to animal infestation, as they are seen as the ideal environment for many species to make their home. Without taking the proper steps to ensure your home has the right amount of animal proofing on the property, these animals may not find it too difficult to find their way into your crawl space. In fact, it happens quite often. Animals will seize upon any opening present in your property and there’s usually no bigger opening than your home’s crawl space.

In order to ensure you don’t have to deal with an unruly animal caught in your crawl space, inspect the areas around your crawl space to look for any areas which may be potential entry points for animals. Closely examine all areas around your crawl space, as even small holes can be seized upon by animals looking to burrow themselves underneath your house. Next, seal all openings and holes to ensure animals will not be able to make it into your home’s crawl space.

Install a Vapor Barrier into Your Crawl Space

Another strategy to make sure your crawl space has a sufficient amount of animal proofing is to install a vapor barrier. This is a material such as rubber or plastic that is placed between the ground and the crawlspace to limit moisture from becoming an issue. Animals are often attracted to areas with a high level of moisture, making it important to limit the amount in your home’s crawl space.

Additionally, laying down a layer of concrete flooring and footing in your crawlspace will help to keep animals out, as it will act as a barrier against the animals themselves as well as limiting moisture collection from occurring.

If you have a crawl space, keeping animals out of it can help protect your home and your family. Contact Attic Projects today to find out how we can help you animal-proof your crawl space or attic. We’ll even give you a free custom estimate.

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