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As you know, the world is facing a contagious pandemic that is easily transmissible from one person to another. For many, this has highlighted the importance of keeping your spaces clean and sanitized. 

Here at Attic Projects, this is something we have been doing for years. We know how easy it is for bacteria, viruses, and mold to spread throughout homes and businesses and how they can lead to illnesses. Keeping your business and your home clean and sanitized it crucial to the health of anyone that occupies that space. 

Our experience in cleaning and sanitizing attics and crawl spaces over the years has provided us with the expertise to clean and sanitize all corners and hard to reach places to keep your family, and your employees safe and healthy.

The methods we use have been proven to kill 99.9% of germs that sit on surfaces. 

Any space, whether it be public or private, needs to be clean and sanitized regularly. However, there are a few crucial places that should be cleaned and sanitized more often. Doing so would help stop the spread of colds, flu, and other illnesses that are easily transmitted from one person to another. 

Healthcare Facilities

First and foremost, those in need of sanitation are healthcare facilities. It is imperative that healthcare facilities remain as free from dangerous pathogens and microorganisms as possible. Hospitals deal with numerous sick patients on a daily basis, and the last thing you would want is to spread the illness of one patient to another or to staff members. Maintaining safe and clean surfaces is critical not only for the recovery of affected patients but to ensure the safety of staff.

Assisted Living and Retirement Centers

Illnesses that are transmitted from one person to another can be a problem in assisted living facilities and retirement centers. This is because the residents are in close proximity to one another and regularly interact with each other, visitors, and staff.

In order to keep both the residents and staff safe, it’s imperative that assisted living and retirement centers practice frequent sanitation and make sure that a regular program of cleaning is implemented.


Since the principal purpose of offices and workplaces is to facilitate the gathering of employees, it’s critical to implement a regular cleaning of all spaces. Offices are unique in that there are many public and semi-private spaces that need to be addressed.

Conference rooms, hallways, and break/lunch rooms all have surfaces that are exposed to many different employees and guests over the course of a workday. Businesses also have offices, cubicles, and other workspaces that require mitigation. Regular cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces are required to maintain a healthy office space.

Outdoor Common Areas/Playgrounds

Often overlooked when it comes to maintaining a frequent program of sanitation are outdoor areas and playgrounds. Since they are public, such spaces are exposed to many people every day. Ensuring that the surfaces in such spaces are kept clean and sanitized is critical in maintaining public health.

Grocery Stores/Essential Businesses

Because some businesses are busier than others and serve the general public, they may need more attention to detail. Businesses that are considered “essential,” like the grocery store and the pharmacy, serve everyone in a community and so a strict cleaning and sanitation program should be implemented. 

If your business is contaminated with dangerous bacteria, viruses, or mold, everyone that enters the space could potentially become ill. Places with high foot traffic and are considered to be “essential” have the ability to impact an entire community.

We are here to help!

Whether you are looking to sanitize a residential or commercial space, we are here to help. Our licensed and bonded technicians are highly skilled in cleaning and sanitizing any space. 

Give Attic Projects a call today to see how we can help you make sure that your residential or commercial space is clean and safe for your family and your employees.


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I was extremely satisfied with the work done by the attic cleaning crew. They were punctual, friendly, and incredibly skilled at what they do. They were respectful of my property and took great care to protect my belongings while working. I am grateful for their hard work and dedication, and I can confidently say that I will be relying on their services again in the future. Thank you for a job well done!
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I want to thank Adam, and the installers for being professional at their job. The installers came in and did a great job. They were very courteous and professional, and hard working gentlemen. Had a crack in the drywall, and the project manager got it handled the very next day. Thank you Attic Projects, God bless your business.
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First off, Chase went over and above to explain the process and help me feel comfortable with the investment I was about to make. Then, AJ and Chris took care of business doing a great job. Definitely satisfied with the work they did!

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