A flock of birds nesting on a home due to nearby rodents.

Can a Rodent Infestation Lead to a Bird Problem?

It’s well known that a mice infestation is problematic. They can bring diseases into your home and destroy wires and insulation. However, there’s another problem with having an abundance of mice on your property — they may attract birds of prey. Birds of prey, such as owls, primarily feed on mice. Once they are on […]

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A dirt crawl space with cement support beams beneath a Washington home.

Insulating a Dirt Crawl Space in Washington

Crawl spaces are often overlooked areas in a home. However, they are crucial for maintaining structural integrity, preventing moisture issues, and improving energy efficiency. A crawl space located on a dirt floor presents unique challenges for insulation. They tend to soak up the earth’s natural cold and transfer it into the air, making your floor […]

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A woman sleeping soundly after having new insulation installed in her home.

How Soundproof Insulation Improves Sleep Quality

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in today’s world. Life is busy and often so loud that it’s difficult to find a quiet time for a good night’s sleep. Your home gets infiltrated with sounds from busy streets and noisy neighbors, and even our appliances and gadgets keep us awake. We need a […]

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