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An attic is vital for providing extra living or storage space inside your home. Rather than cluttering your basement with boxes or struggling to find room to house an additional guest, you can transform your attic to suit your needs. If you’re considering utilizing that extra space, a scuttle attic is your solution.

You may be asking, “What is a scuttle attic?” A scuttle attic is the uppermost area of the house that you can access through the ceiling. Using a drop-down ladder, you enter a scuttle attic through an opening called a scuttle hole.

Scuttle attics are efficient solutions to increasing your home’s usable square footage. We’ll cover some crucial factors and features of scuttle attics as you consider renovation. When you’re ready to start, call the Attic Projects experts at 714-452-1051.

Importance of Scuttle Attic Holes

Scuttle attics allow you to maximize your home’s living and storage space. Other attics require permanent staircases for access, taking up room that you could put to good use. Scuttle holes, on the other hand, are directly on the ceiling, allowing easy access to the attic without unnecessarily occupying free space.

A scuttle hole should have a minimum area of 22 x 30 inches to ensure that users can safely enter and exit the attic. Contractors typically use a drywall cutout as an attic scuttle hole cover. The cover helps prevent cold drafts from entering the home.

If your scuttle hole is 30 inches or higher from the ground, you’ll want a drop-down ladder for simple scuttle attic access. These ladders attach to a scuttle door and fold back into the attic for storage.

Attic Hatch

Types of Scuttle Attic Holes

You have a couple of options when designing your scuttle attic hole. You may find, however, that the location of your scuttle opening determines its type.

Simple Attic Hatch

The most common type of residential attic scuttle hole, a simple attic hatch is a removable part of the ceiling. Using a ladder, you’ll reach the hatch, push it up and sideways, and enter the attic.

Spring-loaded Attic Scuttle Doors

Spring-loaded attic scuttle doors are also somewhat familiar and provide more convenient access to the attic. You’ll remove the cover by pulling a hanging chord, and the built-in stairs will unfold to the floor.

Knee-wall Scuttle Attic Door

Knee-wall scuttle attic doors are rarer than the previous types. Contractors install these doors on vertical walls rather than ceilings, so you can enter the attic quickly and without a ladder or stairs. A knee-wall scuttle door may be ideal if you frequently use your attic.

Attic Ladder Installation

Uses of Scuttle Attics

While homeowners commonly use their attics for storage space, you have various options to consider. With a bit of creativity, you can transform the once-forgotten area into almost any type of room you want. Some of the possibilities for your scuttle attic include:

Extra Bedroom

Depending on the size of your scuttle attic, you may be able to turn it into a spacious extra bedroom. This space is perfect for a guest or child who prefers their alone time. With the addition of a skylight, the room will have exceptional natural light.

Spare Bathroom

If you have a large family or often have guests, you may find your home lacking enough bathrooms. Transforming your scuttle attic into a spare bathroom can ease the morning rush or provide extra space to shower and get ready.

Library/Reading Nook

Smaller attics are ideal for quaint libraries or reading nooks. A bookshelf, reading lamp, and comfortable chair, small hammock, or beanbag create a peaceful area to indulge in a story.


A small attic can also serve as a quiet study. A desk and chair with an illuminating scuttle attic widow are the perfect features to help you get some work done.

Game Room

Mid-size and large scuttle attics that can fit a longer and broader table are excellent for game rooms. Whether they’re home to poker or family game nights, game rooms provide another dimension to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Scuttle Attics

How Big Is a Scuttle Hole?

At a minimum, the opening of your attic scuttle hole should be 22 x 30 inches. More significant scuttle holes may allow for easier and safer access in and out of the attic, but you’ll need to compensate with an appropriately sized covering.

Can You Walk Into a Scuttle Attic Hole?

Simple attic hatches and spring-loaded scuttle doors are on the ceiling, so you’ll typically need stairs or a ladder to use them. Knee-wall scuttle doors, on the other hand, are close to the ground and make for simple walk-in access to the attic.

How Do You Insulate a Scuttle Attic Hole?

Insulation is critical when it comes to a scuttle attic hole. Without proper insulation, cold drafts in the winter and warm air in the summer will flow through your attic and into your home. The result is lower energy efficiency, as you’ll end up blasting your heater or air conditioner to restore the comfortable temperature.

The most effective solution for insulating your scuttle hole is to use a weather-stripping or foam board to cover any gaps and spaces. While the drywall scuttle hole covering can stop some airflow from the attic, the board will help tightly plug the opening to ensure your house remains comfortable.

Quality Attic Services From Attic Projects

If you’re beginning to feel cramped in your home and searching for a way to increase your space, utilizing a scuttle attic is the solution. No matter what you use your scuttle attic for, the added room will make a significant difference. When you’re ready to put your scuttle attic to good use, the experts at Attic Projects can help.

At Attic Projects, we provide all of the attic services you need. Whether cleaning, remodeling, or insulating your attic, our team ensures quality work every time.

Get started on your dream scuttle attic today. Contact Attic Projects to learn more!

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