Safe and Humane Bird Removal: Protecting Both Birds and Attics in San Diego

birds that nested in an attic in san diego

When it comes to attic infestations, chances are that the first thing you think of is rodents. However, San Diego is also home to various birds that love to roost in residential attics.

To find the best solution for people and birds alike, turn to humane bird-proofing & bird removal instead of lethal methods.

Types of Birds You Might Find in Your Attic in San Diego

Bird-proofing & bird removal are two different tasks, with associated methods that can vary depending on the specific type of bird you’re dealing with. Different parts of the country have their own unique bird challenges based on the particular species present.

In San Diego, you’re likely to find your attic inhabited by either pigeons or house sparrows. Seagulls are another common pest bird, but their larger size and nesting habits make them a less likely culprit. Both pigeons and house sparrows are small enough to work their way through tiny openings you may not have noticed before.

While these are the two most common suspects, other birds may decide to nest in your home as well. This can complicate the bird-proofing & bird removal process, as the nesting season and conservation status of different birds can impact the prescribed solution.

Why You Need to Get Birds out of Your Home

If you notice birds entering or exiting your attic or hear signs of their presence, don’t ignore them. While birds may seem harmless, they can actually be a serious problem. Their activities can affect your home in many ways, none of them good.

First, you have a pressing health concern on your hands, as both pigeons and house sparrows are known to carry a wide range of diseases.

You don’t even need to have direct contact with any winged interlopers since bird-born diseases can be spread through mites and bird droppings. These dangers make entering your attic a serious health risk. In the worst case, the germs could even spread to your home.

Some birds might also try to use your attic insulation as a nesting material. This can effectively destroy your insulation while contaminating the surrounding area with waste.

The gaps through which the birds are entering your attic are also a serious concern. These openings could allow other pests in, along with unwanted substances like moisture and mold spores.

Bird-proofing & bird removal are generally required to resolve these issues.

What Not to Do

There are many different advertised solutions for bird infestations that don’t do what they claim to do safely or humanely. Choosing these lethal options is ethically dubious but can also have a direct impact on you and your family’s health.

Miscellaneous poisons, whether delivered via food or direct gassing, tend to affect organisms indifferently. While you might set poisoned food out for a bird, it could find its way into the mouths of your pets or even your children. Similarly, poison gas can seep out of your attic and into your home, potentially affecting your loved ones.

Lethal traps are also indiscriminate, killing or harming any animal that happens upon them. To avoid these outcomes, the best course of action is to seek out humane bird-proofing & bird removal to deal with birds in your attic.

Removing Birds Humanely

The removal specialists you work with might implement a number of different methods depending on the specific situation.

First, they’ll inspect your attic to identify the type of bird they’re dealing with, the extent of any damage, and the presence of a nest, eggs, or baby birds.

Assuming no eggs or babies are present, the removal can be as simple as blocking the entry point and physically preventing the bird from returning — they’ll simply give up and find another shelter. However, the presence of eggs or baby birds can complicate things.

A bird is less likely to leave your attic if their children are still inside. In many cases, the solution is to set up a temporary nest box outside your home.

By keeping the nest box close, the bird will be able to find it easily and will happily stop trying to get into your attic. You can safely remove the nest box once the baby birds have left the nest.

Bird-Proofing to Prevent Recurring Issues

Getting the birds out is just one part of the larger solution. The other is finding and sealing the nooks and crannies where they’ve been getting in. Luckily, professional bird-proofing services can easily take care of this problem.

The technician will inspect your attic to detect minute holes leading to the outside. From there, they can provide several options to deal with specific entry points. You may need attic sealing, vent replacement, or other related services.

Once your attic has been properly sealed, you won’t have to worry about your flying friends coming back. Professional bird-proofing is reliable and will keep birds and other pests out for years or even decades.

Sanitizing Your Attic

While bird-proofing & bird removal can put a stop to current and future bird infestations, there’s still the matter of the damage that’s already been done. The birds in your attic have likely left behind a significant amount of waste, which can pose a serious health risk.

Professional sanitization will ensure that your attic ends up clean and safe. Your technicians will take steps to eliminate the mess, germs, and odor left behind by a departed family of birds, which will include removing nesting materials from the site, as they can be a fire hazard.

If your attic’s insulation is too damaged or deteriorated to clean effectively, you may need insulation replacement. Once soiled by waste, insulation can become less effective and pose a permanent health risk. Your technician will let you know if your insulation has been affected to this point.

Humane Bird-Proofing & Bird Removal in San Diego

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