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When You Should Run Your Attic Fan

An attic fan, also known as an attic cooling fan or attic circulation fan, is a fan installed on the ceiling of your attic. Attics fans draw hot, humid air from your attic, moving it outside. Not only do attic fans provide much-needed ventilation in your attic, but attic fans can help improve the performance of your HVAC system. 

If you have an attic fan installed, you’re probably already familiar with the benefits of an attic fan, such as cooler temperatures throughout your home and increased energy efficiency. But how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your attic fan? 

Knowing when to run an attic fan is important if you want to reap the benefits an attic fan can provide. But when is the best time to run an attic fan? 

Read on to learn what attics fans do, some of the benefits of attics fans, and when to run your attic fan throughout the year for peak comfort and energy savings. 


How Does an Attic Fan Work? 

So, what do attics fans do and how do they work? Put simply; attic fans work by pulling air into your attic from outside your home via the soffit vents in the eaves of your attic. 

As the outside air is drawn into your attic, the attic fan vents hot air outside via the attached dormers. By removing hot air and replacing it with cool, fresh air, the temperature in your attic decreases, creating a more comfortable temperature throughout the other areas of your home. This also has the benefit of preventing your attic from overheating.

Attic cooling fans are designed to turn on via your thermostat when your home reaches a certain temperature to provide hassle-free comfort.

Attic fans can include whole-house fans intended to cool your entire home, rather than just the attic. 


Benefits of Attic Fans

  • Improved comfort: If your HVAC system, window units, or ceiling fans struggle to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer months, an attic fan can help. By removing the hot, humid air from your attic, attic fans reduce the temperature in your attic, which reduces the temperature through the rest of your home too. 
  • Improved energy efficiency: When your HVAC system, window units, or ceiling fans don’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool, you use less energy as a result. Not only is this beneficial for the environment, but your wallet too. It’s a win-win. 
  • The improved life expectancy of your roof: Thanks to excess humidity, attics are susceptible to mold growth, which can damage your belongings, as well as your roof. Attic fans help to draw out moisture from your attic, which can prevent these issues. 
  • Low maintenance: Attic cooling fans require little maintenance. In most cases, attic fans need to be maintained once every few years to ensure that the parts are lubricated. Cleaning the attic fan is easy, too – all your need to do is wash the fan blades every few years. 

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When Should I Run My Attic Fan? 

To reap the benefits of an attic circulation fan, you need to know when to run it. When to run an attic fan depends on the temperature outside, the time of year, and the time of day influence when your attic fan should be on. 

Spring and Summer 

Attic fans are controlled via a thermostat, similar to your HVAC system. During the spring and summer months, most homeowners will find that setting the attic fan to 75 degrees Fahrenheit will help keep their home at a consistent, comfortable temperature. 

During the warmer months, you may find that you need to run your attic fan more often to stay cooler. Of course, this will depend on where you live, but typically, homeowners will benefit from running the attic during the daytime during the spring and summer months. 

On sunny days, where the sun is directly hitting your roof for long periods of time, you may find that your home is more comfortable if you keep the attic fan running longer than you normally do. If the evenings are cooler, you can try turning the attic cooling fan off until the morning, but if you notice your HVAC system begins to struggle to keep your home comfortable, you may want to keep running the attic fan overnight. 

Fall and Winter 

Although using your attic circulation fan in the winter may seem counterproductive, there are several reasons you should run your attic fan during the cooler months of the year. Your attic fan can prevent condensation and moisture buildup. It not only protects your valuables but can prolong the life of your roof and prevent mildew and mold. You can install a gable fan, for example, which will provide adequate ventilation in your attic, keeping the environment cool and dry. 

For homeowners who live somewhere it snows, your attic fan can also prevent ice damming. Ice damming occurs when your attic gets too warm and melts the snow on your roof. 

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