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Raccoons might seem cute and cuddly at first glance, but they can cause several issues that adversely affect your property. They can infest your home and cause significant structural damage that demands expensive repair services to restore. Fortunately, our Attic Projects team offers first-class raccoon removal services that will make your raccoon problem a thing of the past at a price that fits your budget.

Attic Projects is one of the most trusted pest control companies. We offer exceptional animal control, raccoon removal, and pest extermination that will give you your home back from unwelcome guests swiftly and efficiently. If you need to know who to call for raccoon removal from the attic, basement, or any other area of your property, contact Attic Projects.

How to Tell You’ve Got a Raccoon Problem

Figuring out if your property has a raccoon problem isn’t always easy since raccoons are nocturnal animals, causing them to be more active at night. However, you can identify potential infestation once you know the warning signs.

Raccoons often create messes when they eat at night due to their ravenous nature. They often knock over trash cans, create trash trails, and damage lawns while searching for food. Other common indications of a raccoon problem include:

  • Spilled or moved pet bowls
  • Disturbed compost
  • Broken or empty bird feeders
  • Garden damage

Sometimes raccoons leave tracks behind that help you identify a potential infestation. Although a set of occasional raccoon tracks isn’t a cause for alarm, finding multiple tracks frequently could signify a bigger issue. Once you know you have a problem, it’s essential to get animal control raccoon removal services.

Raccoon Removal From Attic

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Many homeowners struggle to find efficient ways to eradicate raccoons from their homes. Fortunately, you can utilize several DIY removal methods to eliminate raccoons from your property and prevent future issues. Below are some effective raccoon removal techniques to help you resolve a residential infestation.

Find Out if There Are Babies

Sometimes raccoons take refuge in attics and crawl spaces to give birth and raise their young. Figuring out if the raccoon has babies will help you determine the best approach for raccoon removal for attics. If you find babies, give them a few weeks to grow up before taking action.

Once the babies grow up, install a one-way door in your attic and set a large cup of cider vinegar close to their nest. This will encourage them to leave the attic and prevent them and other raccoons from returning later on.

Set Live Traps

Setting raccoon traps will help you catch the pesky intruders humanely. Instead of purchasing raccoon traps at a store, contact your city’s Fish and Wildlife department and ask for raccoon traps. They will give you high-quality traps and help you release the raccoons into the wild and away from your home.

Seal All Gaps and Openings in Your Attic, Including Vents and Seals

Raccoons are crafty creatures that can enter your attic through small gaps and vents. To prevent infestations, seal every hole, opening, and vent in your attic with a high-quality sealer. Closing these vulnerable areas will reduce the infestation’s severity while making it easier to catch established raccoons.

Add a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Raccoons can wreak havoc on gardens and lawns. However, installing a motion-activated sprinkler will deter raccoons from stealing crops and damaging your yard. The sprinkler will lightly spray raccoons with water every time they enter the premises, causing them to flee before harming the area.

Use Ultrasound Deterrent Devices

Setting up a few ultrasound deterrent devices along your property’s perimeter will scare raccoons off without harming them. Try finding devices that mimic predators or frequencies that raccoons are sensitive to hearing for optimal results.

Secure Trash Cans

Raccoons often dig through trash cans to find food. Securing your trash can lids with bungee cords or heavy objects will prevent raccoons from scavenging through your garbage, limiting messes while causing them to search for food elsewhere.

Bag Your Trash in Raccoon-Repelling Trash Bags

Many stores sell raccoon-repelling trash bags that deter raccoons once they access your trash can. Using repellent trash bags and securing your trash can lids is a surefire way to limit and prevent raccoon infestations.

Make Your Own Raccoon Repellent

Creative homeowners can create their own raccoon repellent to curb their infestation problem. Combine one gallon of water with a bottle of potent hot sauce and liquid dish soap to create an efficient repellent. Spray the concoction in vulnerable areas inside and outside your home to prevent raccoons from overtaking your property.

Use Ammonia

Ammonia emits a urine smell that deters raccoons and prevents infestations. Soak some rags in ammonia and place them around your property.

Remove Pet and Bird Food

Raccoons often eat bird and pet food left out overnight. Removing the food will prevent more raccoons from invading your residence, making the existing infestation easier to manage.

Use Fences to Protect High-Interest Areas

Installing electrical fences around susceptible spaces like gardens or fish ponds will stop raccoons from entering and destroying the area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Raccoon Removal

What Are Raccoons Afraid of?

Raccoons are brave animals that don’t scare easily. Light, noise, and movement won’t frighten raccoons once they adjust to the conditions. That’s why it’s best to contact a professional raccoon removal company to eradicate raccoons once they invade your property.

Will Raccoons Leave on Their Own?

Sometimes raccoons leave attics on their own once their young reach adulthood. However, some will remain and require professional animal control to remove.

Will Lights Keep Raccoons Away?

Bright lights, loud sounds, and foul-smelling odors often make residences less appealing to raccoons and curb infestations.


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