How To Install a Crawl Space Drainage System

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Between mold and mildew growth, structural damage from rotting wood and cracked cement, and poor air quality, standing water in your home’s crawl space needs a quick resolution. A crawl space drainage system can eliminate water before it has a chance to wreak havoc. Knowing how to install a crawl space drainage system is crucial to prevent these issues and other costly mishaps.

We’ll detail the steps to install a drainage system in crawl spaces and provide other essential information to help you choose the best option for your property and its drainage issues.

Understanding Crawl Space Drainage Systems

A crawl space drainage system is an installable drainage system that promotes complete water drainage from your foundation and crawl space. When storms and other moisture-causing weather arise, this drainage system prevents the water’s buildup and directs it elsewhere to avoid damage to your foundation.

If your flooding issue is extensive, professionals can install multiple solutions. Crawl space drainage systems work with other drainage systems, including sump pumps.

Types of Crawl Space Drainage Systems

Crawl Space French Drain System

A crawl space French drain system captures water in your home’s crawl space with a barrier trench and rocks. The barrier trench collects moisture as it enters the crawl space and diverts it away from the area through an underground pipe connected to the trench.

While moisture will still get into your crawl space, this system will significantly reduce the time the water remains in contact with the foundation and facilitate its quick elimination.

Crawl Space Low Point Drain and Discharge System

The lowest spot in crawl spaces often has the most drainage issues. A crawl spaces low point drain and discharge system feature a simple design that carries water away from the crawl space’s lowest point.

As water fills your home’s crawl space, a single drainage pipe allows the water to flow elsewhere. Its specific mounting position makes it easy for large volumes of water to flow consistently out of the area.

Exterior French Drain System

Pressure from rainfall pushes moisture deep into the soil and near your foundation. Exterior French crawl space drainage systems are drain trenches that collect water as it enters the ground.

These systems install outdoors around your home’s perimeter and collect water as it drains directly into the trench. A pipe carries the water to an exterior location before it reaches your foundation or crawl space, keeping your home’s structure free of moisture.

Crawl Space Drainage Installation

A crawl space drainage installation depends on your drainage needs. During your crawl space drainage installation, you can expect the following.

A home services professional will discuss your concerns regarding flooding.

They will inspect the area using state-of-the-art equipment and determine the best type of drainage system for your property and home.

If they find water in your crawl space, they will drain it.

If necessary, they will dig in your crawl space or around the perimeter of your home.

They will install the correct solutions, including trench barriers and drains.

The Benefits of a Crawl Space Drainage System

Crawl space drainage solutions offer many benefits, from cost savings to convenient, out-of-the-way fixes. With a correctly installed crawl space drainage system, you will enjoy advantages like:

Practicality: Crawl space drainage systems are more effective and practical than many other drainage systems because of their installation location and placement. They do their job by gathering collected moisture and condensation buildup.

Less Humidity and Flooding: Drainage systems minimize humidity and eliminate flooding as they quickly transport water out of your crawl space. This feature results in decreased mold growth and wood rot.

Low Costs: The cost of a crawl space drainage system is more affordable than other options. If your crawl space has a dirt floor or you get an external system, you will pay significantly less than a homeowner requiring an interior crawl space drainage system with a concrete foundation.

A Hidden Solution: Whether you get an exterior or interior crawl space drainage system, both are inconspicuous. It is easy to hide your external system with gardening elements or architectural pieces, while interior crawl space solutions remain out of sight under the home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawl Space Drainage

Why is there always Water in my Crawl Space?

Continuous problems with standing water in your crawl space can result in structural damage, mold growth, and other problems that eventually cause issues elsewhere. Groundwater, seepage, open vents, and internal or structural damage are the top causes.

Groundwater and seepage issues occur when moisture travels through the soil into the crawl space, and open crawl space vents allow moisture inside from rain or snow. Minimal structural damage can cause water to reach your home’s crawl space, while damaged plumbing can also lead to water pooling in the area.

Can I Waterproof my Crawl Space Alone?

While it is possible to waterproof your crawl space alone, we recommend searching for “crawl space drainage contractors near me” and working with local professionals with the necessary experience. DIY waterproofing is highly dangerous and requires a complete understanding of your property’s structural integrity.

Home service professionals have the skills, tools, and high-quality materials to waterproof your crawl space and help you save money on additional services. They also know how to accurately inspect for structural damage and cracked plumbing. Resolving these issues is crucial before waterproofing can begin.


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