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Five Essential Spaces That Require Sanitation

Today, we are facing a pandemic that is easily spread from one person to another, and if there is one thing we have learned from it, it is how crucial it is to keep things clean and sanitized. Bacteria, mold, and viruses can invade your home or business and impact the people that occupy that […]

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What Is Professional Sanitation and Why Is It Important?

You may know Attic Projects as Seattle’s premier attic and crawl space sanitation company, but did you know that we are also committed to providing sanitation services for residential and commercial locations.  We have an extensive history cleaning and sanitizing spaces that are hard-to-reach, like crawl spaces and attics, making us uniquely qualified to help […]

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Why Professional Sanitation Is so Important

Long known for our attic and crawl space cleaning and sanitation services, we are ready and committed to providing you with sanitation services for both residential and commercial applications. Our long history and experience with sanitizing hard-to-reach places like attics and crawl spaces make us uniquely qualified to help you ensure that your home and […]

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