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Your home’s attic could be a useful storage space when managed properly. If you’re transitioning your attic to a storage space, the first step is a thorough attic cleaning to remove clutter, deal with any potential pests, and identify other potential issues. After that, you can follow these tips to make the most of your space.

Making the Most of Attic Storage Space

You can make the most of your available attic space in many creative ways. These solutions can let you use that space more effectively, providing useful storage for your home.

Your attic likely has sloped walls that can seem like they restrict storage capabilities. However, some solutions can make the most of all available space, even in these areas.

Hanging storage is one example. Many seemingly awkward items can be stored out of the way using a variety of different hangers. This also helps provide additional floor space for other storage.

If you plan to segment your attic storage space, you can make the most of your available area by using sliding doors. Also called barn-style doors, these maximize space because they don’t swing out. They’re perfect for tight spots.

Making proper use of storage containers can also help maximize your space. Stackable plastic totes are an excellent choice for attics. They are easy to handle in tight places and provide additional protection against any potential pest or moisture issues.

DIY Attic Organization

Organization is one of the biggest challenges when storing items in your attic. You want to keep these things out of the way but also ensure easy access whenever you need them. You can implement these simple steps to help organize your attic storage space more effectively.

Dowel rods can help improve the functionality of your attic storage space while keeping items highly visible. A dowel rod mounted to a wall can hold various items. Decorative wreaths can be stored away out of season, or they could support clothes hangers, bags, or any number of other items.

Considering storing old documents in the attic? One of the best ways to do so is with a good old-fashioned filing cabinet. There’s no reason to lose track of important documents when you can organize them easily using a filing cabinet. Keep all your documents in this compact space and know where everything is when you need it.

Pegboards are another excellent option for attic storage space. These provide great customization. The board can be fixed to a wall, and any combination of pegs can be inserted. These can support tools, extension cords, craft supplies, and a wide range of other items you may need to store away.

Maximizing Functional Storage

There’s only so much space available in your attic. This means that making the most of your attic storage requires careful optimization. You can implement several key techniques to ensure your square footage isn’t going to waste.

If you’re storing clothes, consider vacuum sealing. Various vacuum sealing bags work with simple household vacuums to seal clothes, blankets, drapes, and pillows in the tightest possible space. This saves room while also providing additional protection against pests, moisture, and dust.

When storing away small items, make sure to group them together somehow. Ideally, you’ll have some type of case or container that makes this task easy.

Holiday decorations are one example. Storing them all together in a container designed for ornaments prevents them from taking up too much space while also keeping them as accessible as possible.

Depending on what you’re storing, you should consider various transparent containers. That way, you’ll know what’s inside each container at a glance. Glass jars kept on shelves can be an excellent choice for smaller items. Clear plastic totes are convenient for larger items and let you instantly see what’s inside.

Another easy way to handle small items is with office trays. You can find simple moveable carts with a variety of trays to store items of all kinds. These carts on wheels let you move them around as needed, adding much-needed versatility to your attic storage.

Keeping Up With Attic Cleaning and Maintenance

One-time professional attic cleaning is a must to prepare your attic for storage if it’s been unused until now.

Dealing with potentially hazardous debris, damaged insulation, pests, mold, and other risks is best left to the professionals. However, once your attic is ready for storage space, you’ll have to work to keep it that way.

Regular inspections and cleaning can help prevent many issues from getting out of hand. If you simply set up some boxes and forget about them for years, you’ll likely need professional attic cleaning again.

Checking for signs of pest activity and moisture issues occasionally can let you reach out to professionals before the problem worsens.

Regular attic cleaning can help prevent dust accumulation and other issues. In general, you can simply sweep or mop as needed. Dust off boxes and any storage shelving, too. You definitely want to avoid leaving garbage or food residue in your attic, as they can attract rodents and other pests.

Remember to keep your attic safe as well. While you may want to store things densely, do so in a way that doesn’t create a fire hazard. Be conscious of any wiring and leave some space. Make sure your storage doesn’t affect your attic entry point. You don’t want to find yourself trapped up there when moving things around.

Find the Unique Storage Solution for Your Attic

If you’re considering using your attic for storage, the team at Attic Projects can provide professional attic cleaning to prepare it and also deal with pests, damaged insulation, and more. We also offer a variety of attic remodeling and storage solutions. Reach out today to find out how we can transform your attic.

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