Surefire Signs You Have Birds in Your Attic 

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As a homeowner, you work hard to make sure your house stays structurally sound. You likely try to make your house a comforting and relaxing place to be. Unfortunately, birds may find your home just as appealing. They can quickly and easily find their way into the attic. 

While this seems relatively harmless, wild birds can spread diseases, ruin the internal structure of your home, attract other pests, and more. There are several ways you can know if a bird has moved into your attic. This article presents some tell-tale signs, along with humane removal and bird-proofing tips

You Hear Strange Sounds

Scratching and shuffling, as well as the sound of wings fluttering, may be heard. You might hear chirps, coos, howls, or even singing depending on what type of bird has taken up residence. 

These sounds may be quite quiet based on the amount of insulation in your attic. Birds may be in your attic, even if you can hardly hear them. Bird-proofing your home can prevent these mesmerizing animals from getting in.

Allergic Reactions

When living in an enclosed space, birds create feces that is hazardous to breathe in. This waste can creep into your home’s air ducts or cracks, exacerbating asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems. Additionally, if you’re allergic to cat or dog hair, you may find that dealing with a bird infestation causes you similar irritation.


Mites are frequently hidden, and they scurry away after biting someone or something. Have you noticed little red bumps on yourself or your pet? A bird infestation may not be your first instinct if you notice small red spots on your skin. 

However, mites seldom take over a home without a food source, so keep an eye out for red spots on your skin if you’re looking for evidence of birds in the attic. Bird-proofing your home keeps out birds and the mites that they bring! 

Holes in the Roof 

Seemingly the most obvious signs of birds in your attic are holes in your attic. You’ll want to consider bird-proofing if you see holes in your roof. Larger birds, such as starlings and owls, as well as everyone’s favorite flying pests, bats, may be attracted to your home. 

These creatures frequently infiltrate via even the tiniest of openings. They can, however, use that entry repeatedly once they find it. For signs of birds in the attic, have an expert evaluate your roof, attic windows, and attic venting.

Bird-Proofing and Humane Bird Removal 

When attempting to remove a bird or other wild animal from your home, it’s best to call a professional like those at Attic Projects Seattle. We’ll transport the birds to a different spot without harming them. 

Humane removal is the safest and best decision for your family, not just for the animals. Humane removal services provided by Attic Projects Seattle include the following:

  • Kindly remove the bird from your home and move them to a new location
  • Finding a permanent solution to bird infestations, including professional bird-proofing
  • Removal of dead or decomposing birds

If you think a bird has found a new home in your attic, give us a call or reach out online. We’ll happily assess the situation and provide solutions that keep you and your home safe!

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