Should You Clean Your Own Crawl Space?

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Most homeowners clean their property on a regular basis, but how many remember to clean the crawl spaces? 

While most people give little, if any, thought to these dank, dark areas of the home. However, like any other part of the house, they should be cleaned on a regular basis. 

Like any other part of the house, crawl space cleaning comes with issues of its own, especially if you are thinking of cleaning it on your own.

First, let’s be honest; crawl spaces are often pretty gross and uncomfortable spaces that we try to avoid. They are dark, dirty, and may very well be home to some creepy crawlies. At the same time, crawl spaces play a critical role in the insulation and air quality of your home and so it is crucial that you keep these spaces clean.

If you choose to clean your crawl space on your own, here are some things that you may come across:

  • Pests or animals making a home there
  • Mildew, mold or moisture growth
  • Poor or decaying insulation
  • Standing water
  • Damaged or dangerous wiring and plumbing

While you may be the kind of homeowner that likes to tackle DIY projects, issues like these may call for the expertise of a professional. 

Professional crawl space services are adept in handling dangerous challenges like mold, mildew, and damaged wiring. They are also qualified to take care of any rodents or pests you may find and prevent them from ever coming back. 

What to Look For When Cleaning Your Crawl Space

Evidence of Infestation

One of the biggest, and most obvious issues you may run into will be the presence or evidence of rodents and other critters. Animals love to make crawl spaces their home, and if you see the signs of an infestation, you’ll definitely want to immediately call a professional. 

Animal waste in a closed area like a crawl space can be very harmful when inhaled, and so it should be removed by professionals. Our technicians are experts in identifying how these animals are gaining access to your crawl space, removing them, and blocking the entrances so that they’ll be gone for good. 

Problems with Insulation

While you are cleaning your crawl space, you will want to be sure to check the health of your insulation. Look for insulation that is missing or damaged. 

If you notice problems with your insulation, do not use spray insulation to fix the issue. While spray foam is great for attics and walls inside the home, it doesn’t work well for crawl spaces. Using spray foam and fiberglass insulation could lead to new mold and mildew growth. 

Your best bet is to call someone to professionally remove the damaged installation and install proper insulation that will last and protect your crawl space.

Check Your Air Ducts

When inspecting your crawl space, you’ll also likely notice vents and/or air ducts. These are installed in crawl spaces to promote airflow and to make sure moisture is properly released. 

Air vents are generally covered with mesh or screens to prevent pests from getting into your home. If you see holes or rips in vent screens, you’ll want to replace them. Don’t be tempted to install new vents, since additional airflow can draw in excess humidity and increase mold growth.

A professional air duct specialist will be able to install or repair air ducts and vents that have been damaged.

Look For Water

Finally, if you notice standing water when cleaning your crawl space, you should remove it immediately. 

Standing water is the perfect home for insects and other pests, and substantially decreases the quality of the air in your home. 

If you have frequent occurrences of standing water in your crawl spaces, you’ll want to consult with a crawl space specialist to create a plan to increase drainage.

Call the Experts!

If cleaning your crawl space seems like too daunting a task, no need for despair! This is a major project most people choose not to do on their own, as it can be complex and even dangerous. 

Attic Project technicians are trained and equipped to perform a complete and thorough cleaning of your crawl space. Contact Attic Projects today, and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and no-obligation quote. We’ll work hard to make sure your crawl space is a squeaky clean and a health and safe part of your home.

Let us do the dirty work of crawl space cleaning for you!

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