Water Extraction and Remediation

Water Extraction, Remediation, and Sump Pump Crawl Space Services

Are you dealing with standing water in your crawl space due to storms, groundwater seepage, sewage backups, or another type of flooding? If so, you need professional crawl space water removal as quickly as possible to protect your home.

At Attic Projects, we have the equipment, skills, and experience to handle your water extraction needs. Along with extraction, our team also provides water remediation, which involves drying and sanitizing the affected area to prevent rot, mold, and other long-term issues. If standing water is a persistent problem, our sump pump installation service will solve the issue once and for all.

For a rapid, professional solution to your crawl space issues, reach out to Attic Projects today.

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How Does Water Extraction Work?

When dealing with significant water infiltration, it’s important to seek out a professional crawl space water removal service as quickly as possible. The experts at Attic Projects have the equipment, skills, and experience needed to take on emergency water extraction projects at an affordable cost.

Our team uses high-power pumps to rapidly remove standing water from flooded crawl spaces. Standing water can cause further damage every moment it’s allowed to sit, so you need a quick response to get satisfactory results. Our industrial equipment drains standing water in your crawl space faster than any consumer pumps or solutions.

We work quickly but also safely.

There are several potential hazards to be aware of when dealing with standing water in a crawl space. Depending on the source of the water, there could be an imminent biological hazard risk. Sewage backups can only be handled by trained professionals with proper protective equipment, and even floodwater and rainwater can accumulate many contaminants.

Our professional crawl space water removal is your best option to swiftly remove significant quantities of water from your crawl space. Contact Attic Projects today for a fast response to this emergency situation to protect your home and keep everyone safe.

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What Standing Water in Your Crawl Space Can Do

Many homeowners don’t realize just how harmful standing water in their crawl space can be. The reason that rapid water extraction is so important is that standing water causes continuous harm.

First, any wooden structural elements in contact with water will soak it up instantly. The internal structure of the wood allows water to wick upward and penetrate even above the water line. Once inside, that moisture can linger for weeks or even months, eventually leading to rot, mold, and other issues.

Standing water can also cause major structural damage to the foundation over the long term. The increased pressure subjects the foundation to constant strain, which sooner or later will result in shifting and cracks.

Sump Pump Installation

Do you find yourself dealing with a flooded crawl space every time it rains? That the water that accumulates causes damage to your home every time, and paying for emergency water extraction after every bout of rain isn’t a viable solution. To solve this problem permanently, Attic Projects also provides sump pump installation.

A sump pump is a type of pump that activates automatically when water levels reach a certain point. A sump pump installation from Attic Projects can keep your crawl space from flooding during storms or from groundwater seepage, protecting your home against the more severe impacts of standing water.

Water Remediation

In many cases, dealing with water damage isn’t as simple as providing water extraction. The standing water will have already done some damage to your home, but professional water remediation can mitigate that damage and prevent future issues.

Water remediation services from Attic Projects can protect against long-term problems like rot and mold. First, the flooding might have damaged your insulation. If so, that opens the door to both mold and pest problems in the future, along with reduced energy efficiency. Our professional technicians can replace your damaged insulation.

We also provide dry-out services to prevent long-term damage to wooden structural elements. Wood soaks up water quickly and locks it deep inside. The ambient conditions likely won’t be able to dry it effectively. However, we have the necessary equipment to draw out that moisture and prevent mold and rot in the future.

You don’t want to find yourself dealing with mold down the line. It can cause both short-term and long-term health issues and can spread throughout your home. Allowing mold to take hold can lead to major repair costs down the line.

The best way to ensure that your home is properly dried, sanitized, and protected after any kind of flooding is to trust the experts at Attics Projects with your water remediation.

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Attic Projects Crawl Space Services in Washington

If you’re experiencing flooding in your crawl space for any reason, the first thing you should do is reach out to the professionals at Attic Projects. We can provide the rapid water extraction services you need to minimize damage to your home and crucial water remediation to prevent long-term issues.

We can also provide you with a free quote on sump pump installation to help you avoid this issue in the future. For the best in water extraction and remediation, contact Attic Projects and get our professional technicians on-site as quickly as possible for the services you need.

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We live in an older home near a large park area. Since buying our home, we’ve had to deal with the occasional rat. These guys came out and sealed my entire attic space – vs setting a few traps. Then vacuumed out the entire space that had nearly 100 years of debris – including from our new roof and insulated the entire house. Love the 5 year warranty against the rats and we already notice how much warmer the house is. The did a great job keeping area clean and protecting floors, walls while working. Highly recommend.
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It’s a stressful situation when you find black mold in your home. The guys at Attic Projects were professional, polite and respectfully clean. They finished the job in a timely manner and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied with their work. Once the job was completed we instantly noticed a difference in our home’s humidity- going from 70% to the optimal 50%. I’d highly recommend these guys. Jordan, your customer service was top notch, thank you for making this a stress free experience.

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Attic Projects was so incredibly thorough and detailed with their description of how and why they were going to do each step, I knew I could trust them. These guys get it!! Total professionals, hard workers and they invited me to poke my head up in the attic during and after the job was complete. My in-laws received before and after pics and received a 5-year warranty on rodent proofing This was a big job and these guys absolutely killed it. I’d recommend them to anyone with similar issues. Thanks Attic Projects!!

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*Our in-house inspectors will provide you a detailed inspection report so we understand exactly what needs to be done, to take you where you want to be. Make sense?

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