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California’s weather ranges dramatically depending on the season. Changing your AC during each seasonal shift can drive up your electricity costs and drain your bank account.

One of the best ways to decrease HVAC costs is to have proper insulation. Insulation helps manage indoor temperatures, improve airflow, and create a more comfortable home space.

The installers at Attic Projects know how to find problem spots in your home that need insulation or may require an insulation replacement. As the top choice for Murrieta insulation installation, we know which insulation is best for your home.

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Best Types of Insulation When Adding Insulation to Attic in Murrieta

Murrieta insulation installation processes depend on which part of the house needs it. A reliable insulation installation company or contractor can determine the best insulation for installation. Insulation contractors keep your home in top temperature-controlled condition.

Installers typically use four main types in attic spaces. Depending on the attic’s size and condition, insulation contractors may prefer one type over another.

Blown-In / Loose Fill Insulation

Insulation installers bring blown-in insulation through a tube from specialized containers, blowing it into walls and unfinished attics. This insulation effectively plugs cracks and fits around spaces where air may seep. Many Murrieta homeowners find this insulation an affordable option that preserves energy.

Batts and Rolls Attic Insulation

Insulation installers use batting, or blanket insulation, in areas with no obstructions. These areas include unfinished walls and ceilings. So, batting is a popular choice for under-construction attic spaces.

Rolls are like batts, except installers cut batts to fit into little holes and spread the rolls out like a thick sheet on the ground. They can also slip into wider gaps. Both types trap air between their fibers to prevent heat from escaping or retaining too much of it.

Foam Board Attic Insulation

Murrieta attic insulation installers often use foam board attic insulation for under-construction attics and roofs. Murrieta insulation installation experts prefer them for large-scale renovations and near prominent support spaces in the home due to their rigidity. Although foam spray works the same way, it is more expensive due to its flexibility.

Reflective Attic Insulation

Instead of retaining the heat, reflective attic insulation reflects the heat to the outdoors and keeps cool air inside. Murrieta insulation installers usually put them in attic ceilings or under the roof.

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Specialized insulation companies and contractors know the materials used in the insulation and how they benefit specific parts of the home. DIYers may not know the required insulation or where to place it for optimal results. Furthermore, professionals wear the proper protective gear needed to work with insulation materials.

Searching for “Murrieta attic insulation installers near me”? Attic Projects is the one-stop shop for Murrieta insulation installation. We make your home more energy-efficient.

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Damaged insulation from mold, moisture, or pests? Looking to lower heating and cooling bills, or just wanting to improve your home’s insulation R-value? Perhaps you recently built a new home. Whatever the reason, don’t pay full price for new insulation.

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Humane Rodent Removal and Proofing

Rodents are a nightmare for any homeowner. They can lower the value of your home by causing serious damage, foul odors, and extensively unsanitary conditions. They also pose a significant health risk to you and your family by spreading disease and causing illness. The last thing you want is to waste your time removing rodents, only to have them move right back in. At Attic Projects, we not only humanely remove the rodents and pests from your home, but we also rodent-proof your home so they can’t come back. In order to keep the pests and rodents out permanently, you have to close up every entry point that they may squeeze into. Call Attic Projects today to get your free estimate.

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