Removing Mold From Your Home’s Crawl Space

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Spotting mold in your home’s crawl spaces is sure to bring a large amount of anxiety for any self-respecting homeowner. Mold can quickly wreak havoc, both in terms of your home and your family’s health, making it a priority to address as soon as possible. The truth is, many homes are infested with mold and mildew without the homeowner being aware of its presence, making a regular inspection by a crawl space services company all the more important. Thankfully, mold isn’t some indestructible life form, as there are things you can do to kill mold and stop an infestation from growing.

Consider What is Needed for Mold Removal

Before you embark on the task of eliminating the presence of mold in your home’s crawl space, it’s important to take into consideration what will be required. Thoroughly removing and killing mold from your home will require a fair amount of physical labor, including plenty of scrubbing in difficult-to-reach places. Additionally, inhaling mold can also cause a fair amount of health risks, making it important to wear protective gear and take the necessary precautions to reduce exposure. If this seems like too daunting of a task, contact a trusted crawl space services specialist to complete the job for you.

Bleach and Vinegar Cleaner

If you’re still interested in taking on the task of killing mold in your home’s crawl spaces, you will need a cleaner that is proven to eliminate a mold infestation. Bleach and vinegar-based mold cleaners are a good starting place, as they have proven to be effective in eliminating the presence of mold. However, it’s important to wear a respirator when conducting this action, as your air quality will become dangerous to inhale once bleach and vinegar are in a confined environment. Consider airing out these environments after applying cleaners to mold-infected areas.

Remove Mold-Infested Insulation

One area in your home’s crawl space that can become mold-infested is the insulation. Unfortunately, this is often behind drywall, requiring you to cut into the drywall to remove any infested insulation material. When conducting this process, make sure you are well aware of the location of electrical wiring, as cutting into wiring can create an additional headache to deal with. If you are forced to cut into your home’s drywall, turn off the power to outlets before cutting to prevent the possibility of becoming electrocuted. Once you locate insulation that has become infested with mold, remove it by placing it into heavy-duty plastic bags, making sure to double bag and tie them shut before moving it out of your crawl space.

Need a Mold Removal Professional for Your Crawl Space or Attic?

If you suspect mold in your crawl space, you need to contact Attic Projects today so we can conduct an inspection, clean your crawl space, and replace any insulation needed. Letting mold remain in your home can lead to it spreading, and it could have consequences to you and your family’s health.

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