Is a Radiant Barrier Right for Your Home?

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Attics can be abysmal places in the summertime. They can hold moisture, harbor unwanted pests, and trap an abhorrent amount of heat. Many homeowners rely on a bevy of attic services throughout the lifespan of their homes in order to keep their house (including attic) at a comfortable temperature, reduce cooling costs, and ensure that it is well kept. Fortunately, radiant barriers can help with the heat as well as potentially lowering air conditioning costs. While other attic services can help to quell extreme heat and high utility bills, radiant barriers are one of the most effective and cost-friendly methods of doing so. This can be especially true for homeowners that live in perpetually hot or warm environments. Learn more about the benefits and of radiant barriers and who should have one installed below.

What is a Radiant Barrier?

Radiant barriers are a type of highly reflective insulation that is most effective in hot or warm climates. They essentially help reduce the amount of radiant heat gain caused by the sun. This allows your house to be cooler and prevents the materials (including ductwork) in your attic from overheating. Most companies that offer attic services work with radiant barriers that are made with materials like aluminum foil. The foil is typically attached to a stiffer material to allow it to maintain its form yearlong. It is recommended to use a perforated radiant barrier that allows for airflow and limits moisture build-up. Though in some situations a non-perforated barrier can be effective, it is best to speak with your attic services professional to understand which version is best for your home.

Benefits of a Radiant Barrier

One of the most noticeable benefits of a radiant barrier is that it cools your attic and subsequently your entire home. According to the Department of Energy, cooling costs can be reduced by five to ten percent by using a radiant barrier in homes that are in hot or warm climates. Furthermore, they can make your attics more livable. This is beneficial if you plan on converting your attic into a bedroom, living space, exercise space, etc. It should be noted that radiate barriers are not as effective if they accumulate dust or moisture.

Should You Have One Installed?

If you live in an environment that is not particularly warm or hot, having your attic services professional install a radiant barrier may not be advantageous. However, if you do, you may find that a radiant barrier is exactly what you have been looking for. They can provide tremendous relief for your cooling costs and make your house more comfortable. One of the most important factors of how effective a radiant barrier is how well it is installed. Improper installation can lead to a build-up of moisture and dust, which will limit its effectiveness. Ensure that you work with a reputable and highly rated attic services provider, like Attic Projects, before you move forward with your radiant barrier project.

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