How to Rodent Proof Your Home for the Winter

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The onset of winter can make the incidence of a rodent infestation more likely, as cold weather can drive these pests to look for shelter and warmth, making your home an ideal target for these creatures.

The sight of rodents in your home can be an unsettling experience, as you will have to reckon with the unwanted reality of having pests in your house. Rodents can wreak havoc in your home in a number of ways, including chewing through electrical wiring, destroying insulation, leaving harmful droppings, and being a general nuisance. 

Thankfully, there are strategies you can employ, which will provide sufficient rodent proofing for your home that will keep these animals from entering your property. 

Look to Your Home’s Exterior 

If you’re worried about rodents entering your home, one of the best ways you can rodent-proof your property is to look at areas where these animals may find their way inside on the outside of your house. 

Things such as a cracked foundation will be a huge vulnerability for rodents, as they have a way of burrowing themselves into the smallest holes. Seal any cracks or holes in your home’s foundation to ensure you won’t be dealing with a serious rodent infestation during the winter months (or any other time, for that matter).

Additionally, you will want to investigate your home’s mortar and weather stripping around windows, as well as your home’s foundation, as this can be a spot where rodents make their way inside. 

You will also want to look at your home’s chimney as an opening can be another possible point-of-entry for rodents. You may need to replace or install screen vents to make sure this isn’t a place where rodents make their way inside. 

The best option for dealing with a rodent infestation is to take proactive measures that eliminate the possibility of one occurring in the first place. Defend your home’s exterior spaces, and you will be on track to properly rodent-proof your home.

Be Mindful of Where You Store Food and Garbage

One of the biggest ways you can attract rodents into your home is to store food and garbage in places that will attract rodents. Whenever possible, store food in airtight containers to reduce the possibility that rodents will be attracted to the smell of your pantry. Additionally, make sure to store garbage outside and away from areas where a rodent may enter your home. It is also important to be mindful of the items you bring into your home, as rodents can make their way into boxes and other packages without your knowledge. 

Get Professional Rodent Proofing this Winter

If you believe your home could be in need of a rodent proofing service, it’s time to contact a professional rodent proofing service company to help get it done. The first places you will want to rodent-proof are your crawl space and your attic. Due to the lack of human activity in these areas, rodents can easily sneak in without anyone noticing. Our professional and experienced team of specialists keep rodents from entering your home, once and for all. Contact Attic Projects today to receive a custom quote to rodent-proof your home this winter. 

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