How to Repair Ductwork in Crawl Space

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Unfortunately, many homeowners experience problems with their crawl space. One of the most common is excess moisture and humidity. If you live in an area with high humidity, you’ll likely need to invest in a dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels.

However, sometimes, a dehumidifier isn’t enough to solve the underlying problem. So, if you notice any signs of flooding, excessive moisture, or crawl space issues, it’s in your best interest to search for “crawl space repair companies near me.”

Calling in the experts guarantees your home stays safe and protected. Attic Projects is a home repair company that ensures quality crawl space repairs no matter the conditions. You can count on us to fix your current problems and prevent them from ever coming back.

The Importance of Crawl Space Repair Service

Crawl space repairs are essential. Without a crawl space repair service, you put your home at risk for potential structural damage. In addition, the humidity and moisture in your space wreak havoc on the wood and water-logged areas, causing mold growth and possible wood rot.

Instead of letting your crawl space steep in such poor conditions, take matters into your own hands by hiring crawl space repair services to mitigate the damage before it worsens.

Common Problems in Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are prone to numerous problems. As underground spaces, they typically experience water-related issues. Continue reading below for typical problems homeowners experience.

Standing Water and Flooding

Crawl space flooding is a troublesome problem that requires the help of professionals. After heavy rain, it’s not uncommon to experience some flooding. However, when this flooding occurs, you must have the water removed to prevent mold growth and damage to your foundation.

Musty Smells and Odors

Yet another problem crawl spaces experience is a musty, mildewy smell. It’s highly unpleasant to have a moldy odor circulating in your crawl space because that air also spreads throughout your home. Musty smells usually mean high humidity levels in your crawl space that need addressing.

Crawl Space Moisture

Excess moisture is the leading cause of mold growth. Crawl space experts say the ideal humidity should be within 50-60% at the highest. However, most crawl spaces are not within this recommended range, leading to high humidity levels and poor conditions.

Crawl Space Mold

Unfortunately, mold is common in crawl spaces because of high moisture levels. When mold starts, it grows on wood, leading to structural damage. These damages include sagging foundations, uneven floors, and dry rot. Not to mention, mold spores spread quickly throughout your home since indoor air tends to circulate from your crawl space. This exposure to mold within your home may negatively impact your health.

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Crawl Space Repair Solutions We Offer

No matter the crawl space problem you’re experiencing, Attic Projects is here to help with numerous crawl space repair solutions.

Structural Problem Repair Solutions

Suppose your home is experiencing dry rot or failing structural problems. In that case, we’ll inspect the situation to choose the correct foundation crawl space repair solution between adding crawl space jacks, new support beams, or replacement floor joists. After installation, you can expect a structurally sound crawl space.

Water Problem Repair Solutions

When performing a wet crawl space repair, the Attic Projects team removes the standing water before conducting an expert inspection. During the inspection, we find weak spots in your crawl space or foundation where water may accumulate. Then, we encapsulate the area to prevent further flooding.

Air Quality Problem Repair Solutions

Our team performs extensive cleaning procedures and may install dehumidifiers with filters to improve your air quality. Our team ensures that we get rid of dust, mold, allergens, mildew, and other toxins through detailed cleaning and removal of water-logged materials.

Crawl Space Repair Costs

The average crawl space repair cost ranges between $1,500 and $15,000. Whether your repair falls on the higher or lower end of this spectrum depends on the extent of the damage to your crawl space. For example, if you need new floor joists and structural work, it will cost more than a straightforward task like mold cleanup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crawl Space Repairs

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team. In the meantime, check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Aren’t Dehumidifiers Enough?

A crawl space dehumidifier lowers levels of humidity in your crawl space. Since moisture builds up inside your crawl space, you need a way to draw it out before damage sets in. Note that a dehumidifier will not stop mold growth. All it does is create better conditions to reduce the odds of mold growth. The best way to keep your crawl space in top shape is by scheduling inspections from a reputable crawl space repair company.

How do I fix a Crawl Space Problem?

We don’t recommend fixing any crawl space problems on your own. For the best results, call an experienced crawl space professional at Attic Projects to get to the bottom of any crawl space issue. We’ll assess for high water levels, rotting, mold growth, and other conditions to find the best treatment.

Why should I Repair my Crawl Space?

You should repair your crawl space to prevent further damage to your home. By not fixing it, you risk foundational and air quality issues. If you don’t address repairs soon enough, you create an environment for excessive mold growth that leads to more devastating and (costly) matters in the future.


Don’t wait any longer to get the repairs your crawl space needs. Always prioritize your home by starting with the foundation. By scheduling regular crawl space foundation repairs, water repairs, or inspections, you’re ensuring a safe and structurally sound home for you and your loved ones.

Take immediate control of your home by contacting our team via our convenient online form. For more detailed crawl space inquiries, call the team at Attic Projects experts today at 858-282-0516 to schedule your crawl space repair.

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