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A spotless attic in a house after having been cleaned.

Over time, your attic can accumulate everything from dust and debris to moisture and pests. This is why regular attic cleaning is essential. Hiring experts to clean this part of your home will give you professional results and help you avoid the hazards involved in the process.

Bring the Proper Equipment

A professional cleaning team will bring all the equipment and supplies needed to clean your home’s attic effectively. They will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid exposing their skin, eyes, and lungs to cleaning solutions. Additionally, they will have the equipment to help them deliver professional-quality results.

In addition to basic cleaning supplies, an experienced team will bring:

  • Vacuums with HEPA filters
  • Brooms and mops
  • Air scrubbers to attack airborne contaminants
  • Power washers for high-pressure cleaning
  • Strong disinfectant sprays for superior sanitation

A skilled cleaning team may bring more equipment to address your attic’s unique needs. This is why an attic inspection usually happens before the cleaning begins.

Move Everything Out

The first step is to move everything out of your attic. If you store seasonal or unwanted items in cardboard boxes, this is a good time to transfer those items to plastic storage containers. The cardboard will attract rodents and insects looking for nesting materials.

The cleaning team will also remove furnishings and other storage items. After your cleaning appointment, you can set up a temporary storage area for these items. This will help avoid clutter as the cleaning team brings equipment into your attic.

Start by Dusting

The team will vacuum and sweep the surfaces in your attic. The HEPA filter in the vacuum cleaners will remove unseen pollutants that might linger on the attic floors or walls. Sweeping removes any additional dirt left behind by the vacuuming process.

They will also wipe down the walls and rafters. The goal is to remove dust and loose debris before providing more extensive cleaning. This process will prevent stirring up dust and dirt later in the cleaning process.

Look for the Signs of Pest Infestations

As the team goes through the attic cleaning process, they will look for signs of a pest infestation. A strong urine odor, feces droppings, scratch marks, and discarded shells indicate the presence of rodents or insects.

They will also look for open entry points, gnawed electrical wiring, and other indications that you have unwanted guests in your attic.

If you have a pest problem, your cleaning team will notify you. They may recommend pest removal services, including humane removal processes. Eliminating the pests will help you protect your attic and the rest of your home until the next time you need attic cleaning.

Attic Cleaning Includes an Insulation Inspection

The team will also inspect your insulation. This is an important part of cleaning since old insulation might need replacing. The inspection involves looking for moisture or mold on the underside of the insulation.

If you do have poor insulation in your attic, your cleaning team might offer an estimate for installing new insulation. Replacing bad insulation will help you improve energy efficiency throughout your home.

Check for Moisture Problems

Even if you have good insulation, your attic might have moisture problems. The cleaning team will look for stains, rotted wood, or other signs of moisture. Discovering moisture damage in your attic can help you catch roofing problems before they worsen.

Clean Fans, Vents, and Windows

The cleaning team will wash every surface in your attic. They may use a pressure washer to clean areas that are difficult to wash by hand. Professionals use commercial-grade cleaning solutions that provide a deeper layer of cleanliness. These products remove dust mites, bacteria, germs, and other unseen threats.

Additionally, they will clean all the windows, vents, and fans in your attic. These entry points have collected dirt and debris over a long period of time. Cleaning them will remove contaminants before they’re carried into the air in your living spaces, promoting better indoor air quality.

Disinfect All Attic Surfaces

Attic cleaning can take a little longer on damp days since surfaces are harder to dry when there’s more moisture in the air. The cleaning team might use fans to speed up the drying process. Otherwise, leaving your attic damp could promote the growth of mold and mildew.

After your attic is dry, the cleaning team will disinfect the area. This step may not be necessary if they used a cleaning solution with a disinfecting agent. A product that disinfects as it cleans saves time by eliminating the need for this step. When an additional disinfectant is necessary, the team may use a spray or wipe down your attic.

Replace the Furnishings and Storage

The final step involves replacing everything that the cleaning team moved out of your attic. Make sure to notify the team beforehand if you want furnishings or plastic storage crates arranged in a particular order. The team will leave your attic looking neat and clean.

After completing the entire process, you can inspect the attic before the cleaning team leaves. This will ensure the service meets your expectations. The team wants to earn your complete satisfaction, making this inspection beneficial to both the team and you.

Once you approve of the work, the cleaning team will remove their equipment, supplies, and trash and depart your home, leaving you with a cleaner attic that you can enjoy.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Attic

Attic Projects offers comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for your attic. Once we clean your attic, you’ll find that attic maintenance is easier. You’ll also have a fresh and clean area to transform into an additional living space. Contact us to schedule cleaning for your attic today!

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Valentina Mills
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I was extremely satisfied with the work done by the attic cleaning crew. They were punctual, friendly, and incredibly skilled at what they do. They were respectful of my property and took great care to protect my belongings while working. I am grateful for their hard work and dedication, and I can confidently say that I will be relying on their services again in the future. Thank you for a job well done!
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I want to thank Adam, and the installers for being professional at their job. The installers came in and did a great job. They were very courteous and professional, and hard working gentlemen. Had a crack in the drywall, and the project manager got it handled the very next day. Thank you Attic Projects, God bless your business.
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First off, Chase went over and above to explain the process and help me feel comfortable with the investment I was about to make. Then, AJ and Chris took care of business doing a great job. Definitely satisfied with the work they did!

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