Do Radiant Barriers Really Work?

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If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s insulating properties, you may have stumbled across the concept of radiant barriers at some point during your research. These are installed in homes, typically in attics, as a measure to reduce heat gain in the summer and to reduce overall cooling costs as a result. 

You may be wondering whether having a company conduct a radiant barrier installation is worth the trouble, as you have other maintenance costs and concerns to worry about. It’s important to understand how radiant barriers function as a way to determine whether they are worth having them installed in your home.

How Radiant Barriers Work

As a rule, heat will travel from warm areas to cooler locations through convection, conduction, and radiation. The heat that flows as a result of convection occurs as a result of a liquid or gas becoming heated, causing it to become less dense and rise as a result. Conduction will cause heat to be transferred if a cold object is near a warmer object. Radiant heat will travel in a straight line from the area producing the heat and will be absorbed by anything solid that is closeby. 

Radiant barriers work by reducing the heat absorbed by solid surfaces through reflective insulation systems. A radiant barrier will be installed as a way to prevent your home from absorbing radiant heat in the environment, causing it to reduce the amount of heat in your home as a result.

During the hottest months of the year, this can be a great strategy to reduce your home’s cooling bill, as there will be less hot air in the environment to need to be cooled by your air conditioning system. Radiant barrier installations will usually take place in your home’s attic, as a large amount of warm air will rise to the uppermost parts of your home. 

Benefits of Installing a Radiant Barrier

The most obvious reason to have a radiant barrier installed in your home is that they will keep your home cooler during the hottest periods of the year without needing to crank up your air conditioning. Any amount of air that doesn’t need to be cooled will result in a reduced cooling bill, which can be significant in areas prone to especially hot temperatures in the summertime. The cost that it will take to have a radiant barrier installation performed will eventually pay off over time, as it will steadily and significantly reduce your home’s cooling bills. 

Radiant Barrier Installation in Southern California

If you believe your home could be in need of radiant barriers as a way to improve your home’s insulating properties, it’s time to contact a radiant barrier installation services company to help get it done. 

Don’t leave it to chance; hire a company with a proven track record of helping customers with their home insulation issues. Contact Attic Projects today for a custom estimate. Our professional and experienced team of radiant barrier specialists can help you address this issue and offer sustainable, cost-efficient solutions, providing you with the peace of mind you need. 

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